Curlew Ch. 02

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Ch. 2: Curlew learns much more about Pam:

Pam woke up earlier than usual Sunday with the sense of excitement, anticipation, and a tad bit of anxiety, slightly concerned that Bob would not get a good feeling about Curlew after their meeting. She was doubtful that could conceivably happen, but you never know. She went about preparing for, what was to her anyway, a most important day. Bob woke up an hour or so later and jumped in the shower. She had already taken hers. They sat and had a cup of coffee together. While Pam wanted to confirm that Bob hadn’t changed his mind about this, he reassured her that nothing had changed.

Bob said, “We can just take our individual cars. This way, I can just take off and you can stay and get some sun if you want.”

“Umm … there’s a slight flaw in your plan, my darling,” Pam somewhat arrogantly said in a jocular tone and smile.

“And what might that be, Ms. Tour coordinator?”

“Well you see … commoner’s automobiles are not allowed on the premises,” she said, very business-like and with a little superior type smile.

“Oh kiss my ass. When did we become so uppity?” He was kidding as well, and playing along with this sarcasm of hers. “I forgot about that special placard that only the elite get. Pardon my freaking plebian, ignorant mind,” as he smiled. “Come on … let’s get this shit over with, I want to get back here and have some time to myself.”

Pam was wearing a white bikini, covered by an ankle length, flowery print, thin, wraparound beach skirt, and leather woven, backless, sandal type Huarache shoes. Bob wasn’t planning on using the beach, so he was wearing, a pair of plaid Bermuda shorts, an IZOD polo shirt, with its cute little alligator logo, and his Sperry top siders with no socks. They were his usual hanging around the house clothes.

As she reached down to pick up her beach bag, Bob leaned down in front of her and said, “Here, let me grab that for you. Do you want to drive?”

“No, you can drive … it’s not far,” Pam smiled as she walked to the passenger side of her car and stood at the door.

Bob threw her bag in the back seat and got in the car. He leaned over and unlocked Pam’s door. When Pam got in the car, Bob asked, “Why do you lock the doors in our own driveway?”

Pam said, “My passenger door is always locked. No one ever uses it unless I’m going someplace with my mother. I lock all my doors when I park at work.”

Bob said nothing, and backed out of the driveway. As they approached the main gate of Curlew’s place, Bob said, “I’ve never been this far down the peninsula before.”

“Curlew calls it the “Neck,” Pam said.

As they drove around the rotary, Pam pointed and said, “Park in front of that car, that’s Curlew’s. Oh good, he’s home. Curlew told me to park there when I came here. Look … see … he’s got one of those crests on his plate too. See it?”

“I’m not freaking blind, Pam. You’ve already got your own private parking spot … pardon me. This place is freaking huge!”

“I’m sorry I dragged you out here on your day off, but could you be a little more pleasant and positive thinking for an hour or so?”

“I won’t embarrass you, I’ll be civil and keep an open mind, don’t worry.”

“You never embarrass me, sweetie. Let’s just walk around to the back on the porch, rather than knock on the door in case he’s busy doing something. We can walk right down to the beach if he doesn’t come out.”

As they rounded the corner of the rear of the house, they saw Curlew sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee in his hand and a pipe in his mouth. He turned towards them, removed his pipe from his mouth and said, “Pamela! What a pleasant surprise,” as he got off his chair, with a huge smile on his face.

“Morning, Curlew,” Pam said with an equally friendly smile. She then said, “Curlew, I’d like you to meet my husband, Bob,” as she turned sideways and looked at Bob.

“Good morning, Bob. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” as he began walking towards them uncomfortably, in what looked like some back pain, and reached out his hand to shake Bob’s hand.

Bob noticed Curlew’s obvious discomfort, so he walked over to him and shook his hand saying, “Pleased to meet you too, sir. I’m Bob … Bob Taber,” not knowing what else to say.

“The pleasure is all mine. I’m Andrew … Andrew Huttleston. Welcome to my little corner of the world. Here, have a seat … please,” as he motioned his arm towards some porch chairs positioned directly across from where he originally was sitting. “Can I get either of you a cup of coffee or anything else to drink?”

As Curlew was still talking, Bob thought to himself, ‘Huttleston? That’s the name of the state road that runs through town. Holy fuck! It looks like I was right about his family.’

“No thank you, nothing for me,” Bob, responded.

“Me either, thank you just the same. Look Bob, there’s even an outdoor shower,” as she pointed to the open outdoor shower head at the corner of the porch. “I’m going to walk down to the beach and check out illegal bahis the dunes while I’m down there. That’ll give you two time to get to know each other a little better,” as she turned toward the stairs.

“You look your usual radiant self today, Pamela. I’m sure Bob has some questions for me, and I don’t blame him. You know the way, Pam. You might want to leave your shoes on the porch … the sand is soft and very loose, as you know.”

Pam took off her shoes, and said, “Yeah, you’re right, thanks. Okay, you guys enjoy yourselves. See you later,” as she began walking down the walkway to the beach.

Both men were sitting watching Pam as she sauntered between the hills of sand on either side of her, with her beach bag strapped over her shoulder. Once out of earshot, Curlew said aloud, “You have a strikingly gorgeous wife, Bob, and are perfectly justified being concerned about her safety, if that’s the case. So I see no reason to parse words, and you should feel free to ask anything you want without fear of offending. I understand and agree with any concerns you might have. If I were in your position, with such a desirously beautiful wife as Pamela, I would feel the same way.”

“I have no real strong concerns. Pam has a pretty good knack for judging people. If she had any doubts, we wouldn’t be here right now. Pam and I have never made a decision that could affect both of us without discussing it, and coming to a mutual conclusion, and agreement. This is why she wanted me to come and meet you. I have complete trust in her instincts. I’d personally prefer to have a casual, normal, and general conversation, and draw my own opinions. I do have some questions about your last name, however, just to satisfy my own curiosity.”

“Very well, that makes perfect sense to me, and how I like to get to know someone as well. Both parties should agree and be completely candid and honest, with each having the comfort of knowing they have the liberty to feel free to speak openly … a man to man conversation, if you will.”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less. There is one thing, now that I think about it, that I am curious about. Exactly why, and what possessed you to offer Pam total access to your home and property anytime she chooses without needing to inform you beforehand … especially after knowing each other such an incredibly short period of time.?”

Curlew, without hesitation, confidently said, “Like you, I trusted my judgement, based not only on the short conversation Pam and I had. I can get a good read on someone in a short period of time, particularly in a casual conversation taking place in a relaxing and comfortable environment. This is why I agree and understand your reasoning. Just for the sake of accuracy, I noticed Pam last summer, at that very same beach. I made some unobtrusive and distant observations, and saw quickly that she carried herself gracefully and with poise. It was obvious that she was a very special lady. Purely a visual observation, which is only a part of what is necessary to formulate an accurate and valid opinion of a person. So, in a sense, I’ve known Pam, to a degree, longer than just one day, as you might think.”

‘This old man thinks a lot like I do,’ Bob thought to himself. “Andrew … one other thing. Are you any relation to the person that the state road is named after, here in town?”

“He was my father’s uncle, and lived in the town east of here. Why? Would that have a bearing on you deciding whether I’m a good or bad man, and someone you should or should not trust your wife’s safety with?”

“Well, no, of course not. When you introduced yourself that was the first thing that came to my mind. I was just curious, so I thought I’d ask,” Bob said, with a defensive inflection.

Curlew, sensing the change, and said, “Let’s cut through the formalities and just relax, shall we? Your wife seems insistent in calling me Curlew. I don’t mind … in fact I rather like it. So, for the sake of continuity, rather than you calling me Sir, or Andrew, if you feel comfortable with it, why don’t you just call me the same? Curlew is just fine with me … I’m going to warm up my coffee, can I get you one now?”

“Uh, yeah, I think I’ll take you up on that offer now,” Bob said, while nodding in the affirmative.

Curlew smiled and nodded his head and said, “Be right back. Cream and sugar?” as he got up and went into the house.

“Yes, please. Thank you.”

Bob thought to himself, ‘Pam was right! There is something about this guy that shows itself naturally as being genuine, and a good person, just by the way he presents himself in his manor and verbal communication. He’s genuine in a very natural way. I think I could get to like this guy. I’ve got to hand it to Pam. She has a good sense and instinct for people.’

Curlew came out a short while later, and said through the screen door, “A little help here.” Bob got up and opened the door for him. Curlew handed Bob a cup of hot coffee and resumed his position on his chair. Bob thanked him and did the same.

Curlew illegal bahis siteleri sipped his coffee, then placed it on the table beside his chair, and sat up a little straighter, looked straight into Bob’s eyes and said, “Let’s get to the real reason for this visit. My wife passed away 15 years ago. We had no children, so consequently there are no grandchildren. I moved back here permanently 10 years ago, and have lived alone since. Pamela is a rejuvenating breath of fresh air to me. She makes me feel good being around her, and makes me feel things I haven’t felt in decades. I enjoy the return of those various feelings and didn’t want them to stop, therefore, after some deep and rational thought, I extended this invitation to her, and you of course. She’s an extremely lovely young lady, and I discovered rather rapidly that her beauty was not merely skin deep, which makes her very unique and very desirous as well, I might add.” He took another sip of his coffee, and continued, “I mean your wife no harm whatsoever, and I say that in all sincerity, and with my whole heart and soul. Pam’s a rare and beautiful gem that needs to be enjoyed and protected.” He then grabbed his pipe from the table, crossed his legs and began puffing on it.

“She is certainly all that and more,” Bob said. “What exactly did you mean by her needing to be enjoyed … could you be more precise?”

“You seem like a very alert and bright young man, so I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that Pam draws the attention of any man that lays eyes on her without any effort on her part. That attention also includes the thought and desire to be intimate with her. I share those very same thoughts and desires along with them. You must understand and believe that I would never make an effort to satisfy those thoughts and desires with her. Although that is not my purpose for the invite, should the opportunity ever present itself to me, and it was blatantly obvious that Pam had similar desires, I would be hard pressed to turn it down, and more than likely would not. I can’t be anymore upfront and honest with you than that. If she never expresses any intention to be other than friends, and is perfectly happy with just using the beach and facilities here, that will be fine with me, and I would be extremely happy with only that arrangement.”

“I appreciate and respect your honesty, and am fully aware of the affect that Pam has on other men. Hell, I fell in love with her the first time I saw her walking the halls in high school, and it appeared she didn’t know I existed, or that anyone was even looking at her. It’s something that is natural and makes her even more attractive. So, yes, I understand and realize all that you say. I’m also not naïve and realize that any man would be a fool to reject an opportunity to be intimate with her. It’s something I learned to accept a long time ago, and in all honesty, I kind of enjoy knowing and seeing those reactions from other men caused by just looking at her.”

“So, she’s always been this alluring, even at a younger age. This isn’t something that she developed and refined as she matured … that’s interesting, and very refreshing, in its own right. I’d love to learn more about her, but she doesn’t appear to be the type to consider herself as her favorite subject to talk about. She did mention briefly yesterday, while talking here on the porch that she had made reservation for the both of you, accidentally and unknowingly, at a nudist resort. She went on to say that she ended up going nude there, and that both of you enjoyed it after a short while. I found that interesting and rather intriguing. She doesn’t appear to be the type to partake in such things. Would you be open to sharing some things about her that she wouldn’t normally share herself? If not, I understand completely, but if you feel comfortable enough with me, and I know that you’re very proud of her, so anything you chose to share would be greatly appreciated,” Curlew said, inquiringly.

Bob thought for a minute, then began. “Pam grew up being overly protected by her parents. They’ve always been strong Catholics and restrained her activities in a loving way. Hell, I was the first guy she was allowed to date, and that was not until her junior year in high school. We’ve been together ever since. The winter before you first saw her we finally were able to purchase the house we now live in. We both wanted to get out of the city, and this place was just what we were looking for. “

“Pam had always been a kind and compassionate person. When we first began dating and we would talk about the future, she always said, even back then, that one day she hoped to be in a position to do something significant and meaningful for the elderly. That first spring, while she was in the yard doing some gardening, she came into the house all upset and emotional. She was complaining about how the old neighbor in back of us, Charlie, just kept on leering at her lustfully. I tried calming her down by downplaying the fact that he was just enjoying her beauty.”

“I sensed that air canlı bahis siteleri of conservatism in her almost immediately. Her being upset by being, in her opinion, leered at by some old stranger, doesn’t surprise me at all,” Curlew quickly interrupted.

Bob continued. “The discussion continued for quite some time, when I happened past the kitchen window and noticed that this neighbor was an old junior high school teacher of mine, and a great person. I conveyed that to her in an attempt to ease her fury and concern, along with tossing in the suggestion that she might want to play along with this fact and tease him a little with some subtle revealing glimpses of herself. She might make him happy at being able to enjoy the beauty of her youth. I suggested that she might find it fun, and at the same time, allow him to enjoy something that he never thought he’d be able to enjoy again. This might please him and make him feel special. All this might just satisfy her long time desire to do something kind and special for an old man.”

“And she bought that line of reasoning?” Curlew asked, in a surprised and quizzical voice.

“Not at that moment. No,” Bob responded. Then he continued, once again. “After much deliberation and thought on her part, she found the thought provoking and interesting, and maybe a little naughty and exciting. A few days later, I had the opportunity to reintroduce myself to Charlie while he was working on his very big boat which was in his backyard, and directly behind ours. He invited me aboard and we sat and renewed old acquaintances, and talked a little about Pam. A short while later, Pam came out dressed in very good taste, as always, but much more provocatively, showing much more of herself than I had ever seen before while in public. Charlie was in awe, and made some complimentary statements, soft enough so only I could hear. Pam put on quite the show while doing her gardening on her hands and knees, not obvious, but exciting never-the-less. Charlie was totally amazed and enjoyed it so much that I could tell he had become very aroused.”

“I can only imagine, and can’t say that I blame him,” interjected Curlew, nodding his head in apparent approval and excitement. He moved a little in his chair and crossed his legs.

‘Aroused just like he’s getting right now,’ Bob, quickly thought to himself, before continuing. “After both Pam and I had gotten back in the privacy of our own home, I told her how much Charlie enjoyed her little performance and how it affected him. She seemed excitedly pleased with what I was telling her. That night we had one of the best nights of sex I could remember. I had validated everything that she was doing, by making it clear that she was in complete control and that wherever she wanted to take this, was fine with me. It became clear to her that she had total and complete freedom, and that it would be acceptable to me.”

Curlew was puffing his pipe like this was the last time he would ever smoke a pipe.

Bob concluded, “As the summer went on the temperatures got hotter, and so did Pam. She became progressively bolder, and was enjoying it more. It got to the point where these little teasing shows of exhibitionism were not limited to Charlie’s eyes. They ended up, as the summer progressed, to include his brother, Walter, and their friend, Hank. None of this was pre-planned, mind you. Things happened just as each opportunity presented itself, and what she was feeling at the time. Pam has become very comfortable with the fact that she’s found an avenue that she can thoroughly enjoy, and at the same time provide pleasure by giving the elderly something that they only now dreamed about, along with it being very exciting for everyone involved, including herself. She was making the elderly feel that there was, once again, more to life than just going through the motions. She’s come a long way from the narrow minded, somewhat sexually suppressed woman I met and married. We both love and enjoy this transformation. We now refer to last summer as, ‘A Summer of Slow Transition’.”

Curlew repositioned himself a little by uncrossing his legs and said, “So, what you’re saying is that Pam is of the opinion that she’s providing a fundamental service to the elderly that they no longer enjoy, while enjoying doing so in the process … if I’m understanding you correctly?”

“Yes, you’re perfectly correct. Keep in mind that she is completely cognizant that she must always maintain her own respectability and dignity, while insuring a decorum of the same within the men, with some exceptions, as a particular situation arises. If you know what I mean,” Bob said, with a curious smile on his face.

Curlew wasn’t quite sure what Bob meant by his last statement. It was ambiguous enough that it could be interpreted a number of different ways. Curlew did not want to assume anything at this point, and felt that it would become clear over time. Curlew then took a deep breath and said, “That’s a very interesting and somewhat erotic story. So much so that, please don’t take offense at my being blunt … ” Curlew fell silent, as he took a large sip of his coffee before speaking again. “I found your story very stimulating … I don’t know what else to say.” He then readjusted himself once again and took another big swig of his coffee.

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