Delia’s Dilemma Pt. 02

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I could feel my face get hot as I closed my eyes in embarrassment, praying that when I opened them, Ella would be standing there instead. Linda giggled, I guess because of my reaction. When I opened my eyes, Linda was in the bedroom and had her phone out and was videoing me from different angles! “So, you going to tell me who Ella is?” I was about to answer when Linda interrupted me. “Wait a minute. Isn’t she your boss? The cute one?”

“You think I’m cute?” Ella was standing in the doorway, holding a set of nipple clamps and a leather harness, a huge grin on her face.

“Always have.” Linda replied. “Looks like I interrupted you two having a good time. Does George know?”

“Don’t think so.” Ella replied. I was about to say something when she held up her hand, shushing me. “So, what’s it going to cost for him not to find out?” Ella started walking toward my little sister seductively. Since she’d not put on her bra before she left, it was obvious that both of Ella’s nipples were hard as rocks and pointing directly at Linda.

Linda licked her lips, her eyes glued to Ella’s tits. “I’m sure we can come to an agreement.” she said as she tossed her phone on the bed between my legs.

I watched as my sister and my boss came together in a long and sensuous kiss. Linda cupped Ella’s face with her hands as Ella wrapped her arms around Linda’s waist, still holding the toys she’d gone to retrieve. There was a momentary flash of anger and jealousy. Then the situation hit me. Here I was, handcuffed to my bed, turned on beyond belief from a vibrator nestled inside my freshly shaven cunt, watching my lover and my sister share one hell of a kiss.

I didn’t like the look in their eyes when Ella and Linda broke the kiss. They both turned and stared at me, lying there helpless. “How long has she been like that?” Linda asked as she rubbed Ella’s tits through her top.

“Oh, about an hour, I think.” Ella replied. “I think your sister’s about to explode if I turn the vibrator up.” Both women giggled at that then Linda smiled evilly and whispered something in Ella’s ear.

Ella laughed out loud, tossed the toys onto the bed and ran out of the room. Just as I was about to ask what the hell was going on, Linda removed her shirt, then bra. I couldn’t help but lick my lips at the sight of her perky tits but she wasn’t finished. Just as my sister finished stripping off her clothes, Ella returned with the duct tape from the garage.

My boss stopped short at the sight of Linda’s nude body. “Damn, great bodies must run in the family.” Ella said as she handed Linda the tape.

Linda laughed. “Let’s see which one of us taste better.” she said, running her finger through her pussy till it was thoroughly coated with her juices, then placing it on Ella’s lips.

Ella closed her eyes and took Linda’s finger into her mouth, licking it clean. “Mmmmm…not bad but I can’t tell. Further research must be performed.”

“I think that can be arranged. Before that, let’s deal with my poor sister.” Linda picked up her panties from the floor. They were a red silk and when she rubbed her pussy with them, they were obviously soaked with her juices. But Linda wasn’t finished.

Getting on her knees, Linda pulled down Ella’s shorts and began to eat my boss out. Ella’s eyes widened, then screwed shut as she let out a long, low moan. She gripped the back of Linda’s head and pulled it tightly against her puss. It didn’t take long before she let out a scream as she orgasmed all over Linda’s face.

Linda stood up licking her lips, her face shiny with Ella’s fluids. Using her panties, Linda wiped my boss’s pussy dry. You could practically wring the panties out; they were so saturated with both Linda’s and Ella’s juices.

When she was finished, Linda turned toward me. “Open your mouth, sis.” I clamped my mouth shut and shook my head. “Hey Ella, help me out really quick.”

Grinning, Ella grabbed ahold of my nipples, pinched them tightly and twisted hard. I couldn’t help but open my mouth to scream out in pain. Of course, Linda shoved her cum-soaked panties into my mouth and quickly used the duct tape to muffle me. A few more pieces of tape ensured that there was no way I was spitting the panties out.

Ella had let go of my nipples and was gently rubbing them to hardness. My body reacted purely on instinct as I writhed on the bed, trying hard not to get even more worked up but failing. When Ella pulled her fingers away, my little sister was right there with the nipple clamps.

I screamed out as best I could as both women each took a nipple and clamped it tightly, tightening the screws right up to the point of being unbearable. I looked at them with pleading eyes as Linda reached down between my legs and withdrew the vibrator from my pussy.

Linda looked me in the eyes as she licked the toy like a lollipop, deep-throating it a couple of times just to make sure she got it completely clean. Then, with an evil smirk, she turned it to high and shoved it back inside my pussy as far as canlı bahis şirketleri it would go.

My eyes flew open as the orgasm that had been building inside me suddenly burst. Both women giggled as my whole body tensed up. I was brought to tears as all the sensations hit me. Just as I thought it was over, Linda told Ella to spread my pussy lips wide. Then my sister took a piece of tape and put it right down on my cunt, pressing it down to make sure the tape was on my clit. A few more pieces ensured that the vibrator, still buzzing on high, wouldn’t come out of my body.

“Hey, you hungry?” Linda asked Ella.

“Yeah, lets go make a light lunch and hang out by the pool for a while.” Ella replied. “I’m sure that when we return, Delia here will agree to anything we ask.” Laughing, both women exited the room, hand in hand.

Emotions were running wild through my body. Anger at Linda and Ella for doing this to me clashed with the arousal that I was feeling from the vibrator as well as the inability to move. Those feelings mixed with the humiliation of being reduced to a sex toy for my sister and my boss and the shame that I actually was even more turned on because of it.

Waves of pleasure were sweeping over me, drowning out the negative feelings. I was clenching down so hard that it was beginning to hurt. Just as I would relax, my body would twitch in such a way so that a fresh orgasm started up. By the time Linda and Ella returned, I was limply lying on the bed, a puddle of my orgasmic fluids that had trickled out of my pussy and down the crack of my ass was staining the cover.

Ella undid the clips on my nipples; the blood rushing back into them caused me to moan in pleasurable pain as Linda gently and slowly pulled back the tape on my pussy. I was glad that I’d shaved bare as any hair would have been pulled out at the roots. When Linda started on the last piece of tape, the one pressed against my clit, I was breathing heavily.

Linda removed it nice and slowly, a sadistic smile on her face as the tape stretched my clitty hard before letting go. Every nerve in the sensitive nubbin of flesh was triggered which caused me to let out a muffled scream. Amazingly, the pain caused me to have another mini orgasm. I honestly didn’t think I could have another one.

When the tape was finally off, Ella slowly withdrew my vibrating toy. Every inch was pure torture to my overly stimulated cunt as each realistic ridge scraped against my insides. I watched as Ella turned it off and held it up so that she and Linda could lick it clean of my juices.

“I have to admit, you’re pretty delicious sis.” Linda said as she took the vibrator from Ella and placed it on my dresser.

“Oh, and I’m not?” Ella asked, her bottom lip protruding out in an exaggerated pout.

Linda laughed and wrapped her arms around my boss, squeezing her ass. “Of course, you are. You taste amazing.” I could only watch as they French kissed, each rubbing the other’s body with their hands. “So, what about Delia here?” Linda asked when they broke the kiss.

“Well, she has been through a lot.” Ella stated, looking down at me. My pussy was red and swollen from the orgasms and the tape. My nipples were still hard and sore and a sheen of sweat had matted my hair. “Should we just let her go?”

“I say she has to earn it.” Linda said, reaching down and cupping my pussy. “You want to be released, Delia?” I nodded as vigorously as I could. “Fine, you have to eat both Ella’s and my pussy to orgasm, okay?”

For a moment, I stared at Linda in shock. I mean, orally pleasing Ella was one thing but eating out my sister, my own flesh and blood, was quite another. However, I was so desperate to be released that I nodded again.

Linda smiled and peeled the tape off my face as Ella undid my legs, allowing me to move them. I thought that this was out of the kindness of her heart but when Linda finished removing the tape and pulling her saliva-soaked panties out of my mouth, she mounted my head and gripped my ankles, pulling my stiff legs up and spread wide so that Ella could tease me by licking my sore pussy.

I squealed into Linda’s pussy. Every lick Ella gave me was slow and torturous. I did my best to clear my head and focus on the task at hand; licking Linda into orgasm. For a brief moment, the thought that I was giving oral pleasure to my little sister did enter my head. The thought flew out of my brain just as quickly. This wasn’t my little sister. It was a delicious pussy.

I must have been doing something right as I felt Linda’s thighs tighten on my head, then heard a muffled moan as my face was coated with her fluids. Panic overtook me as I actually felt like I was going to drown in orgasmic juices but Linda rolled off of me, allowing me to take several deep breaths.

“Damn sis!” Linda said, trying to catch her own breath. “Ella has taught you well.” Despite my situation, I actually felt a little proud hearing those words.

“Please let me go.” I softly said. “My arms canlı kaçak iddaa are killing me and I really have to pee!” Both women laughed.

“She has been locked up for a long while. What do you say?” Ella asked my sister.

“Only after she gets you off.” Linda replied, rolling off the bed and retrieving her phone. “Now make it a good show Delia. I want to hear your boss moan.”

Ella climbed onto the bed and straddled my body, sitting her soft ass right on my tits. Grabbing my hair, she pulled my face to her pussy. “Remember, the faster I get off, the quicker you get released.”

I did my best to use all the tricks I’d learned and soon Ella was grinding her cunt onto my face, coating it with her fluids. It honestly didn’t take long before she let out a gasp. Gripping my hair hard, Ella came, her body trembling as she held me right against her soaked pussy.

“Hot damn, that was awesome!” Linda exclaimed. I glanced her way, my head still trapped between Ella’s legs. Linda had her phone and was obviously filming us. “I wonder how many hits this would get if I uploaded it.” she said, pressing the screen.

“You better not!” Ella said, climbing off of me. “I don’t want my face out there!”

Linda laughed. “Don’t worry. I didn’t get your face. Just hers.”

“Oh, in that case…” Both laughed at my shocked expression. Ella grabbed the key to the cuffs and finally, after what seemed like forever, unlocked my wrists from the bed. Linda eased me up and helped me to the bathroom. To my embarrassment, both she and Ella stood, watching me as I relieved myself.

I’d wanted to take a nice, relaxing shower to clean myself. Instead, I was made to serve my sister and my boss under the threat that Linda would send the video to George if I didn’t. I felt so dirty. My face was coated in hers and Ella’s cream, my pussy was sore from the forced orgasms and I was wearing only high heels and acting like a servant in my own home. I should have called Linda’s bluff but, to be honest, there was a small but growing part of me that was really turned on by the situation.

That night, Linda and Ella slept in my bed while I spent the night in the guest room. They left the door open and I fell into a fitful slumber to the sounds of moans, giggles, gasps and the occasional scream of pleasure emanating from the master bedroom.

I was sore the next morning when I woke up. For a while, I laid in bed. Is this what I wanted? I loved my husband very much and yesterday kind of felt like a betrayal of my marriage. Hell, I had sex with my sister! Something told me that if I said I had enough, I could end this.

Did I really want to, though? The sex was amazing! I’d never orgasmed so hard, even with George. This wasn’t about love. I knew I still loved him and nothing would change that. This was about my pleasure. I had to admit to myself that being treated like nothing more than a servant, a toy, was turning me on. A lot. Even the memory of the humiliation that I’d felt of being locked to my bed and discovered by Linda caused a little tingle to sweep through my nether region.

I got out of bed and gingerly made my way to the bathroom. After relieving myself and a quick shower to wash away yesterday’s film of sex that still clung to me, I crept to the master bedroom and peeked inside.

The room still reeked of sex. Ella and Linda were naked, their bodies pressed tightly against each other. I had to admit that I felt somewhat envious of, well, both of them. The sight of Ella’s ass being cupped by Linda’s hips with Linda’s arm draped over Ella’s body, my sister’s hand gently holding my boss’s breast, made me desperately want to crawl in bed and join them.

Something stopped me, however. I knew that it wasn’t my place to be there with them unless one of them ordered me to. I silently tried to exit the room when Linda’s sleepy voice stopped me.

“Breakfast.” was all Linda said and I hurriedly made my way to the kitchen to cook. By the time I was finished, both women had awoken. The sounds of giggling and kisses greeted me as I carried the tray of assorted fruits, toast, bacon and scrambled eggs into their bedroom.

Ella and Linda were making out like a couple of teenagers, kissing and rubbing each other’s naked body as I stood at the foot of the bed, a servant in my own home. Ella finally acknowledged me, snapping her fingers and pointing at her side as Linda nibbled on her earlobe and pinched her nipple.

I held the tray of food as Linda and Ella picked what they wanted from it. Linda was first to turn it sexual as she took a strawberry and ran it up Ella’s moist slit, coating it with her juices before eating it. Ella followed suit, inserting an apple slice into Linda’s pussy hole, then eating it. My arms were getting tired by the time they finished and Linda dismissed me, ordering me to come back when I finished cleaning up.

By the time I finished in the kitchen and returned to the bedroom, Linda and Ella were up; Ella in the shower and Linda brushing her canlı kaçak bahis teeth. Without stopping brushing her teeth, Linda reached down with her free hand and fingered my slit. I winced at the stimulation.

“I think our little slave’s puss is a bit sore.” Linda said after rinsing her mouth out.

“Damn.” Ella said from the shower. “I was going to fuck her dry.”

Linda let out a barking laugh when she saw the expression on my face when I heard that. “Why let that stop you.”

“Well, I don’t really want to hurt her too much.”

“True.” Linda replied. “But who says you have to fuck her pussy? I’m sure George won’t mind if we open her ass a little.” Again, Linda laughed at me when my eyes bugged out.

Ella giggled as she turned off the shower, emerging with her hair wrapped in a towel. “Oooooh. I love the way you think!” She and Linda shared a French kiss, then Ella smacked my ass as she scooted past.

“Hey, I know.” Linda excitedly spoke. “You and she can go get one of those jeweled butt plugs for her to wear when she’s at work!” She led me to their bedroom where Ella was lubing up my toy. I let out a gasp when I realized it was going in my ass.

“Not a bad idea. I definitely have some things in mind that we can use on her, too.” Ella grabbed me by the hair, forcing me onto the bed with my shoulders on the comforter and my ass sticking up. Linda crawled onto the bed and positioned my head between her thighs.

I started licking my sister’s yummy cunt. That’s when I felt Ella rimming my ass. I couldn’t help but squirm as her magic tongue pushed past my sphincter. It felt amazing and inspired me to eat Linda out with renewed enthusiasm.

After only a minute of Ella licking my rosebud, she pulled back. Then I felt the tip of my toy against my back entrance. “Relax.” Ella said as I tensed up in anticipation. “It will hurt less if you do.” She gently rubbed my ass as I did my best to follow her instruction.

Ella started slowly, pushing in just a little before pulling out. Each time she went in a little farther and held it there just a second longer. I honestly didn’t know if the plastic prick would even fit. But soon enough, I let out a moan into Linda’s pussy as the head popped inside me.

Ella let me get used to the feel of it stretching my anus before she slowly pushed it in and pulled it out. The damn thing felt like a fireplace log being shoved inside me. However, in no time, I was rocking back and forth, meeting Ella’s thrusts, as the discomfort disappeared and a pleasurable tingling replaced it. I didn’t even mind as my boss shoved two fingers inside my sore pussy, matching the tempo of the dildo.

Moans were emanating from Linda’s throat as her orgasm built. She grabbed my hair, pulling me tighter against her juicy pussy. My own orgasm was close to erupting as well. It was almost simultaneous that my sister and I came. She coated my face with her tangy fluids as Ella shoved the dildo to the hilt in my ass. I could actually feel the fake balls on my pussy lips. Everything; Linda’s orgasm, the dildo in my ass, Ella’s magic fingers, my humiliation combined to erupt.

My stomach tightened as I clenched down. Screaming into my sister’s vagina, I coated Ella’s arm and the dildo with my fluids. For a moment, my entire world was sex. Breathing in Linda’s scent, tasting her juices, hearing hers and my labored breathing as we came off the high we were sharing, feeling the residual tingling of my orgasm as well as the toy still lodged inside me.

I collapsed onto the bed, my ass at a weird angle with the entire nine inches of rubber still inside me. Ella let me catch my breath for a minute before ordering me to stand by the bed and not move. I did as I was told; I could feel the dildo inside me as I stood there with legs spread a little to accommodate the rubber balls.

Ella climbed upon the bed, straddling Linda’s face. Ella moaned, smiling like the Cheshire Cat, as Linda spread Ella’s pussy lips apart with her fingers and began to feast. Soon, Ella laid down, her face between my sister’s legs, and licked up all the sticky, yummy juices still there. Each woman was moaning into the other’s cunt when suddenly, Ella squealed, her hips bucking as she came all over Linda’s face. Linda, to her credit, never stopped licking as she has another mini orgasm.

Both women were spent as Ella rolled off of Linda, their chests heaving as they tried to catch their breaths. I hadn’t been given permission to move so I just stood there like a damn robot, awaiting instructions.

Ella turned her body around so that they were holding each other. They kissed and cuddled for a while. It was Linda who finally spoke.

“Jesus, that was amazing.” Linda said, tracing patterns into Ella’s shoulder with her finger. “I just wish George were here. I could use a good fucking.” My eyes bulged out at that but still I didn’t say anything.

“What, am I not good enough?” Ella pouted, meeting Linda’s gaze. They both giggled at that.

“Of course! I’d still love to feel a real dick pumping inside me.” Linda replied. “I onetime caught him coming out of a shower. Damn, his dick looked scrumptious.” Linda giggled again. “I’m pretty sure he knew I was there because I swear, he started getting hard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32