Illicit Desires Ch. 03

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She did not show up the next day and Sundar worried about it. First, Mekalai his 19 year old maid had caught him masturbating. Worse, she seemed to have noticed that he was fantasizing about her.

This had broken a past pattern of their interaction having no sexual overtones even though they engaged in banter and playfulness. After all, at 72 he was old enough to be her father and his own youngest daughter was older than Mekalai.

Soon after she had shut the door of the bath and fled from the scene he had got up and changed in to a fresh dhoti putting the old one in the clothes basket. This was the place from where Mekalai picked up clothes for wash and had first noticed the gooey mess Sundar left behind.

She knew it to be something sexual. At first she thought it was a sheet that had been used by Sundar anna and his wife during their sexual encounters. Then she felt they were both old for that. But with her relative inexperience she was not sure how so much of this clearly sex-related fluid could have come to be here.

She used to inspect his dhotis and had found dried patches, semi-dry patches and an interesting kind of fragrance around the cum.

The dhoti that Sundar had just discarded had more cum than any of the dhotis ever examined by Mekalai and that was because suddenly, that day Sundar had lusted for the girl and controlled it by masturbating to images of her and her smooth, soft (he imagined), chocolate (he knew) breasts.

In fact, while the old man did masturbate regularly, this time his erection was solid enough for a full sexual encounter – an erection of a hardness not recently experienced.

As he went looking for Mekalai to explain himself and apologize or excuse himself she was nowhere to be found.

And then he chanced upon her as she had upon him. She was in the little cul-de-sac where she usually retreated to coo to her fiancé. Except this time there was vigorous action as Mekalai used a discarded canister with a snub snout to fuck herself. She experienced a fullness of cumming that had never been experienced in all the petting by her fiancé.

And she too had hungered in her fantasy for the delightful old man with a wonderful sense of humor and a kind heart. At the height of her orgasm she had wanted his full weight on her, and not the canister but his hard cock in her.

She too had been shocked out of her post-release dreamy state when Sundar chanced upon her. She had been murmuring his name and she flushed deep with embarrassment. Luckily, Sundar anna did not confront her – he was hardly in a position to. He too had left as she had left the bath when she discovered him.

And now Sundar worried when the girl did not show up. His wife went about maintaining the pace of the house, cursing and fretting and when she could take no more, she asked Sundar to go find out where the girl was.

They stayed (Mekalai, her mother and sisters) not far from Sundar’s place. He flung on a shirt atop his dhoti and went looking. He had been there before, transacting the business of passing on instructions from his wife at the door. He never had been in but a glance told him that it was neat if modest.

This time when he reached, it being the time when all the working class were in the houses of their masters and trades people were in the bazaar. At around 11.30 in the morning the area was comparatively quiet.

He knocked on the door and waited. You could never be sure. The whole family might have abruptly decided to go to their village or a temple festival or the hospital.

There was a scuffling sound which told him that someone was indeed at home. And then she opened the door – it was Mekalai. For the time since he had known her the girl smiled shyly. Shyness or coyness was not part of her character. Playfulness and mischief was.

Her face grew flushed as she saw him and she immediately dropped her eyes, not looking at him.

“Why did you not come today?” he asked, his eyes on her chest as it rose and dropped as if she had just come back from a sprint.

“Come in, anna,” she replied.

He had never gone in before. And before he could think of what to do she reached out and grabbed him by his wrist and pulled him in. Mekalai shut the door and bolted it. She leaned back on the door and with her head down said, “I could not bear to come there today and look at you.”

“Why?” asked Sundar. He glanced around and saw mattresses on onside, a pantry type kitchen on the other and many things he could recognize as having being given by him and his wife to this family.

“Because, because…” she stammered. And then she rushed to him and clung to his broad chest and broke into tears. “I would not have been able to see you without wanting to hold you, anna.”

“Shh! That’s okay!” soothed a startled Sundar. “You can hold me,” he comforted her.

“Not there in front of amma,” she sobbed, feeling the comfort of his chest in illegal bahis her face. She was referring to Sundar’s wife.

Sundar rocked her gently and felt the firm, hard breasts pressing against his torso. Almost instantly, his cock had risen to its full proportions and he felt the discomfort of being constrained by his underwear.

“And then, you must not scold me for yesterday,” she pouted. She looked up into his eyes, her own eyes sparkling through the dew of her tears on her eyelashes. She looked mischievous and demanding.

Sundar shook his head to indicate he wouldn’t but could not think of what to say to this young girl.

“After all, you are my anna,” she said, confusing him further by referring to him as the elder brother as she already did.

“What were you thinking about me?” she asked, clinging to him.

“When?” he asked.

“This is what I don’t like about you!” she said in mock anger. “You keep making fun of me!”

“I may have many things to say depending on what it relates to,” he replied, engaging in the kind of banter they normally engaged in at his house. “If you were referring to how the vegetables had been cut for lunch, I can tell you I could make out it was you because each piece was a different shape,” he teased her.

“Anna!” she complained, beating her fists on his chest. He did not want that – it took her breasts away from his chest and he wanted to continue to feel them.

“Ok, now that it is resolved shall we go home?” he asked.

“And what about this?” she asked, dropping her hand to his crotch and feeling his erection with her palm, fingers pointing down. This was the kind of petting she had learned from her fiancé. She had never held a cock directly in her hand but through garments – as much as could have been done had been done. She felt the heat and the dampness and tried to find his contours but could not.

Sundar convulsed and held her to him tightly.

“Nothing, nothing,” mumbled Sundar.

“How can it be ‘nothing’,” she whispered, her body aflame. She kept toying with his cock and now she kissed his broad comforting chest. Again from the experiences with her fiancé, Mekalai searched out his nipples and with her lips – not teeth- rolled them. Hard!

“Ow!” yelped Sundar. “What are you doing?”

He tried pushing her away but the girl held on to him firmly.

“Un huh,” she said. “No. I will not let go.”

“Mekalai, this is wrong!” groaned Sundar feeling his erection leak precum and making a mess where her fingers were playing. Soon she would feel the mess and he did not want that.

She did not answer. His reaction was true to form. That was her Sundar anna. She dropped to her knees and as she had several times with her fiancé, she kissed the protrusion under his dhoti, through the layers of clothing.

Sundar shuddered and his hand went to the maid’s head. He held it briefly – indecisive. Then, gently he moved her away. She resisted and then went further in search of creating a turning point here.

She angled her head and searched with her lips to find the orientation of his cock. Her lips searched out the pillar and as she made her way, nibbling along the trunk and found the head, trapped as it was near the elastic band of his trouser pointing up.

As she had with his nipple, she clamped on the head on its side and she felt dampness seeping through to her lips. The taste and the smell were familiar. It was her Sundar anna as she had smelt on his dhotis after he had masturbated.

Desperately she searched for the top of his underwear with her fingers. She wanted to do what she had refused her fiancé enough number of times: take his cock into her mouth and love him.

She found the waistband and with no help – but no resistance – from Sundar she slid it down, freeing his cock from its prison. His dhoti was still on but at least she could see the cock spring free and tent the cloth. He was large. She opened her mouth wide and cloth and all mouthed him.

“Mekalai, no!” scolded the old man.

Cock in mouth, Mekalai shook her head in refusal, enjoying the springy movement of the cock.

“Once you ask you get, don’t you know that from the way I work?” teased Mekalai, withdrawing her head from his cock. Sundar groaned. He could not decide what he wanted and what he wanted to stop.

Deftly she found the parting in his dhoti and lo! There was the object of her desire. Sundar anna’s cock, proud, wet and throbbing. She was proud of it. She was proud about everything about Sundar anna, never missing a chance to point out to her mother, her sisters and indeed, Sundar’s wife all the things she admired about him.

For her adoration of him, his cock did perfect justice. Sagging under its own weight, veins bulging, broad head – full of promise for the young maid. The only thing she worried about a wee bit was the thickness. Just yesterday a somewhat slender canister had posed illegal bahis siteleri a challenge. This was at least twice as thick.

She leaned forward and holding his scrotum in one hand gently as if in a saucer, with the other hand guided Sundar back into her mouth- which she had opened as wide as it would go.

She wanted to find out now what her fiancé would get out of this action he had demanded from her repeatedly.

Sundar groaned loudly in pleasure as he felt her small mouth become a wet sheath around his cock. “Mekalai, no!” he repeated, unwilling to match his words with actions to stop her.

She took in the smells noticing the musty smell of his skin, the mild fragrance of his precum that reminded her of the sacred ash they used in the prayer room. She noticed the lack of revulsion in her and tasted him as one would taste a new delicacy and get used to it. She also noticed how that contrasted with her remonstrations with her fiancé.

With him, too, she had the curiosity and desire to satisfy. But there was also a fear that the young man would want to go further and fuck her. With Sundar anna it was her desire to experience everything and then hopefully, Sundar anna would fuck her.

Her head bobbed as much as it would, limited by the space he occupied in her small mouth. When she had aroused him enough so he released a small quantity of precum, he found control and pushed her away, even as the girl swirled the offering on her tongue and tasted his juices.

“This is wrong,” gasped Sundar, sinking to the floor next to Mekalai.

“But this is what you were doing yesterday,” laughed Mekalai impishly.

“But you were not there!” argued Sundar.

“And that makes it okay?” asked Mekalai rejecting his logic summarily. She pushed the old man on his back and he lay there, dhoti now undone, cock in waving in the air and legs not able to spread for his underwear was around his thighs.

“Then lets do what you were doing yesterday,” said Mekalai. She laid her breasts on his face and with one hand reached down to grasp his cock.

“From where did you get such impudence?” asked Sundar, convulsing again. Her hand was not quite large enough to contain his cock. But her hands, rough from work, brought him a distinct additional pleasure. Her hands were warm. And the touch of someone else sent shivers coursing through his body.

“To get something one must make efforts,” teased Mekalai, quoting something he had often told her.

Sundar nuzzled her breasts. Her top was an obstacle.

Mekalai let go of his cock and sat up. Sundar groaned at being left alone.

“Look at the impatience,” she said mischievous as ever. She leaned forward and kissing his cock repeatedly with a small “o” of her mouth assured him, as if talking to the cock, “we will be back soon,” in the manner of a news anchor announcing a break.

She sat up again. Slowly, she raised her top, stroking her midriff, caressing her own breasts and making love to her own body as she slowly revealed herself to Sundar.

They did not tumble out. They were hard, firm and proud in the first place. Her own arousal had made them harder still. Her nipples stood firm and erect. She was ready for him to feed on. They were not small; but they were not large mammaries of an older woman. Sundar had never had opportunity to set his eyes on breasts which were somewhere between those that were merely budding and those sagging from the weight of maternity.

They seemed designed to feast upon, purely for pleasure. His pleasure.

She leaned forward and allowed her breasts to rest on his face as her hands reclaimed his cock. He kissed them tenderly, tasting the salt of the woman. When he focused on the nipples the saltiness gave way to sweetness and for the first time Mekalai was the one gasping in pleasure.

She watched him caress her with his lips as her hand methodically stroked his cock. Precum messed up her fist and she used it to lubricate the movement. It was slow, measured and graceful – the fisting. The focus was on how he was attending to her breasts.

He sucked one of them to the fullest it would go and then with his tongue he rotated the nipple. On withdrawing he allowed his teeth to run on her nipples. Mekalai shuddered and thrust down with her fist on his cock.

“Anna,” she sighed. His arms came around her torso and he held her firmly, mouthing, tonguing, and feeding on the chocolate colored mounds. She was now wet with his saliva and she slapped his face with her breasts.

Sundar fumbled between her legs and Mekalai found it necessary to leave his cock unattended briefly. When he groaned she leaned forward and held him in her mouth as her hands shimmied her pajamas down. From his angle, Sundar found his thumb the most convenient and inserted it into her wonderfully wet cunt.

“Anna,” groaned Mekalai. Sundar shifted a bit to insert his index and middle finger canlı bahis siteleri in and sawed in and out of her cunt. With his thumb he now searched for the place he expected to find her clit. Mekalai’s hand was back on his cock and her breasts were in his face.

They grabbed at each other, sucking, fisting, pumping, licking and kissing.

Her fist was a mess with his precum. Her breasts were wet again with his saliva. His fingers were streaked with her juices. Sundar jerked his hips to the rhythm of her fist. Mekalai found her hips undulating to his fingers thrusting.

Mekalai now set a pace upon his cock, wanting to finish him. She leaned forward bringing her face closer to his cock and so her breasts were no longer within reach of his lips. He grabbed them, one in each hand and squeezed and kneaded them. His hands were able to just about contain each breast and she felt his sensitive touch send thrilling waves through her being.

His fingers gave her pleasure. The actions of his thumb on the top of her cunt made her squirm more. But as he continued to stroke her, his fingers felt less and less adequate. She pushed the thought of her own pleasure out of her mind and focused on him.

Her face was now close enough for her to kiss his cock every time its head reared up to her fisting down. She wanted him to cum and she did everything to his cock that she thought should make him cum.

She got a sense that a particular area near the head was where his finish would come from when he gripped her cunt with his fingers as it was, rather than fucking her with his fingers. Every time she stroked him there he seemed unable to control his own movements.

She focused on the erogenous zone at the head of his cock. He felt his cum boiling up. Oh how he wanted her! Her hands were magical! He wanted to sink into her. At the height of his pleasure he wanted her. But she was here! He could take her. Frantically, he pushed her away and sat up.

He pushed her onto her back.

She looked lovely, hair spread out on the floor. Her breasts were tight and firm, larger than most but not sagging for it. The nipples, which had just a few moments ago been nourishing him had lost some of edge that comes from being aroused yet unattended. His eyes moved down and he saw her belly with the gentlest of curves. And there, the thatch of black untamed pubic hair, glistening with the juices that had freely flowed.

He knelt between her legs and drank in the sight of her. His hands gently stroking his cock. He leaned forward and she held her hands up and firmly pushing his chest, said, “No, anna! This would be wrong.”

Unable to answer her he reached for her pussy with the other hand. His fingers slid in again and he became more vigorous in his masturbation. He masturbated her and himself too. He nearly came but again, stopped himself. Leaning forward he kissed her breasts.

Mekalai stroked his hair as he did so, loving him. “Anna, I hope I did not offend you,” she pleaded.

He did not reply. He trailed from her breasts with his tongue down past her belly button and sank his face between her thighs. He kissed her and with his tongue tip, played with her lips.

She gasped. Her master was kissing her between her legs! She felt hot, flushed and awkward.

“Anna, no need,” she gasped. She did not say ‘don’t’. Her words implied he was returning her favor of mouthing him and he did not need to.

Sundar slid fingers in and fucked her with his fingers as his lips gobbled at her lips.

“Yah!” screamed the young girl. She had not even imagined such pleasure. She threw caution to the winds and humped his face, fucking him and groaning out in animal sounds.

Sundar’s fingers changed angles. He curled them up and stroked her behind her clit with two fingers and his thumb was on her clit, now engorged, pushing out and fully accessible. Below his thumb he brought his mouth to suck on her cunt and tongue her incessantly.

The poor girl wailed helplessly as Sundar’s expert manipulation of her cunt brought forth a shattering orgasm – a first for this virgin at the hands of a woman. And then to the surprise of both, she started to squirt as she banged against his face.

Sundar tried to hold on to his focused stroking during this stormy orgasm. His other hand on her belly told him that she was all aflutter within.

An amber, unnamed fluid drenched his face. Sundar paused in his exertions only to find Mekalai jamming her pussy into his face and coaxing his fingers on.

She rocked and thrust against his face, pleading him not to stop, calling out to Sundar, to ‘anna,’ ‘amma’ – as if to her mother and wailed with pleasure through the orgasm.

When she was spent she collapsed. She lay there shaking her head in disbelief, looking down at Sundar anna, still between her legs but his head was now turned towards her. HE was drinking in the sight of the young woman’s pleasure. She had been wild and untamed in her cumming.

He had done all this before. But never seen a woman climax thus. It was, again, something new for him.

Mekalai gazed down at him in fascination wondering how she could return this awesome favor.

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