Lecture Break

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It was barely past 2pm, yet already he felt like he had been there all afternoon. Even for someone who enjoyed this stuff, a several hour class at the end of the week was tough on everyone. As the class went on, lecturer dryly exposing about the development of ion channels in neuronal membranes; his eyes roamed around the sun-drenched seminar room. He darted from bored student to bored student, all long faces and glazed over eyes. He could feel his eyes getting heavy too, fast tuning out what was being said, until he caught her eyes again. A few tables over, nestled in the corner of the room, their eyes met for a second time in 10 minutes. Wide, green-blue, and with remnants of clumped mascara in between long lashes. He quickly darted back toward the front of the class, sitting himself upright, and focusing on the lecturer.

Embarrassing, he couldn’t be caught gazing like that again, especially not at someone like her. Her dress and her prettiness already caused her to stand out in the class, and he wanted no part in drawing even more attention to that. She was attention grabbing though, that couldn’t be denied. Slender, with long curled hair pushed back and out of her face with a stretchy headband. Ears, nose, and even mouth were adorned with pierced jewellery and precious stones. She looked more fit for an art class than a molecular biology one, though he did realise such thinking is exactly why girls like her received such unwanted attention in the first place. At least now, everyone was too focused on looking awake than gawking at the pretty, quirky looking girl at the back of class. Everyone, except him apparently.

As the class drew on, his mind began to wonder. He began thinking of her. How soft the skin of her cheek must feel when caressed by his hands. How it looked as if she never wore a bra, her round perky breasts with the suggestion of nipples pressing up against the thin fabric of her top. How well her mouth might take his cock. How easy it would be to wrap his arms around her tight waist and just, fuck her until she screamed.

He stopped that train of thought before it went too far and he ended up with an uncomfortable, unresolved erection in his pants, though as time went on, he would dip in and out of these particular fantasies.

Lewd daydreams aside, he did manage to keep his eyes off her long enough to stop fully feeling like a creep. That was, until the lecturer let out with an uncharacteristically funny joke, lamenting how she was unable to get approval for getting nerve biopsies for the class, and their eyes met again in-between the kind of laughter one only makes after being immersed in something truly boring for a time. Their eyes met each other’s smiles, holding there for just a moment longer than either expected. He couldn’t ignore her eyes. There were so wide, and so undeniably full of life. With that one truly shared gaze, his juvenile sexual interest transformed into an adult attraction, and he felt more awake than he had been in hours.

Eventually, the lecturer called for a break, signalling the halfway point through the class. While some always stayed seated, most students sluggishly got up and headed outside for some fresh air, including her. He would have stayed if he hadn’t seen her head out.

It was out of character for illegal bahis him. Indeed, he very much fit the profile of someone who would be in a molecular biology class, temperament included. While he dressed well enough, he had no joyous flair that this girl had. As he stepped outside with the excuse of stretching his legs, he began to search for her, hoping that none of the other guys in class had done the same. It wasn’t long before he found her, perched at the end of a bench at a wooden outside table. Much to his relief, she was alone, and as he walked up to her and start a conversation, she looked up to see the cute boy she’d been eyeing all afternoon approach her.

They dabbled in a little small talk, starting with the eccentricity of their professor, before moving onto questions of a more personal nature. As he talked about his quite genuine love of cell biology, she found his words melted away as she remained fixated on his face. On the sharp lines his jaw drew down to his chin, the width of his neck, which complimented the broadness of his shoulders, all accentuated by the rolled sleeves of his shirt showing off his forearms. She responded best she could with a joke, and while laughing he placed a gentle hand on her upper arm. It stayed there for a moment, and she felt his fingers caressing her soft skin. The feeling ran from head to toe, and her mind wondered what those fingers would make her feel if placed somewhere a little bit more sensitive.

“So, how long have you had them?” He asked, gesturing lightly at her piercings.

“Maybe a year or a little more, couldn’t really get them done while still living at home.” She replied.

“How many is it, six? Two on each ear, nose and lip?”

“Seven actually, you missed one.” She said with a smile, opening her mouth and revealing another piece of jewellery in the centre of her tongue.

She rattled her tongue around her mouth, piercing provocatively sounding off as it clattered on her teeth. She maintained eye contact as she did so, watching as he became slightly flushed at the sight of her running her tongue around her mouth. She enjoyed teasing men like this, particularly the cute ‘nice’ looking ones like him. She had a thing for drawing out the impolite in polite people.

“Of course, these are only the ones on my face, the ones I couldn’t get away with hiding at home.” She said, bright wide eyes fixated on his.

She winked. He breathed in deeply, hoping to maintain a bit of composure and attempt not to fall into the stereotype of an easily seduced, awkward nerd. He cleared his throat.

“You have the time? How long until we need to be back in?” He asked, thankful his voice didn’t break mid-sentence.

“We still have time.” She said, moving a bit closer to him, placing a hand on his broad chest and toying with a shirt button. “There’s a unisex toilet on the third floor of the lecture building no one uses. Or at least, no one uses it as a toilet.” She continued.

His heart now racing, and blood now fast flowing to his groin, he wrapped an arm around her slight waist and directed themselves back into the building.

They found they had the lift up to the third floor to themselves, and were all over each other on the ride up. Lips locked, and hands enthusiastically exploring illegal bahis siteleri one another’s body, their mutual arousal sharply built up as the lift climbed the floors. Feeling her body underneath a ruffled top, his thumb touched something cold and metallic. Another piercing, this time at her bellybutton. His hands were running up her body from there when the door opened. While no one was waiting at the third floor, the two still promptly removed their hands from one another, and quickly walked to the toilet.

He had heard there were rumours of a particular place on campus where students would often go to let off a bit of steam between classes, but he never thought himself the type of student to do so himself. He then looked at her. She was in front, clearly leading the way. As they passed another corridor he caught on to her navigational familiarity and wondered how many times she had done this before.

She could feel a pleasant warmth radiating from between her thighs as she caught sight of the door. She had a smile on her face seeing the lock marked as ‘vacant’, and the two went in. She locked the door behind her, and he wasted no time pressing his body up against hers and wrapping his arms around her and under her top. Goosebumps travelled across her skin as he ran his large hands across her. She took her top off, flinging it onto the surprisingly clean plastic floor, and began unbuttoning his shirt as he held her thighs up against the rim of the sink. She had no bra on, and each of her perfectly round perky breasts was adorned with yet another piercing at the nipple. They kept them quite erect all day long, and with such a sensitivity that she moaned full of pleasure when he cupped her breasts and pulled at them slightly with his thumb and finger. His shirt was now unbuttoned, slightly exposing a surprisingly in shape torso compared to what she expected. She kept it on him, finding it much more attractive to keep it where it was, with the sleeves rolled up, than off and on the floor. She ran a hand from down his chest and plunged into his jeans, curling her fingers around his girthy, hard penis.

She pushed him back slightly as she drew his jeans to the floor, herself folding forward onto her knees. His penis now out, and throbbing eagerly just above her face, she extended her tongue and ran it from base to head. He let out a low, growling moan as she cupped his balls, gripped his thigh, and took the entirety of him to the back of her mouth and down her throat. She enjoyed the way it filled her mouth, and while still on her knees, reached into her underwear and began circling her soaked clitoris. She began enjoying it more when she noticed he had let go of his inhibitions, taking hold of the bottom of her face with one hand, and the back of her head with another. He moved both himself and her head, slowly at first, but soon picked up speed as he fucked her face, penis eagerly gliding in and out of her mouth. She could feel it harden further still as his pleasure began to plateau, and so wanting more for herself, drew him out of her mouth. She stood up, sliding her leggings and pants to her ankles. The hand she had been touching herself with was still wet, with the thumb coated in her own thick self. She took her wet fingertips and stroked his penis with it, canlı bahis siteleri wordlessly signalling what she wanted. Still holding his penis, she pivoted her body around her hand, turning toward the sink and mirror while maintaining her firm grip.

“Fuck me.” She said, breathing heavily.

Grasping her petite bottom, he parted her legs as she guided him inside her. She gasped as it went in, shocked by how firmly it pressed against her when fully inside. She relaxed herself but remained a tight fit as he began moving in her. Both standing, but with her leaning forward on the rim of the sink, he found there was enough space to reach her clitoris. She watched his hand slink down there in the mirror, and became fixated on their reflections, enjoying her own internal pleasure from an outside view. She enjoyed watching his face as he fucked her, as his breathing became heavier, occasionally biting his lip in response to her occasionally flexing, tightening the grip she held on him even further. As he circled her throbbing clitoris, now fully exposed out of its usual place nestled between her lower lips, he found her tenth and final piercing.

She was loud and shameless in her vocal expressions of pleasure, and he was sure that as it built, getting louder and louder, they would definitely be heard by anyone passing by. He wondered if that’s what got her hot in the first place, an enjoyment of broadcasting her sexuality for others to hear if they listened.

She gripped him tighter, herself feeling the fullness he gave her even more intensely. Her pleasure had been building since they were in the lift together, and now it seemed set to leap off that cliff edge.

“Choke me!” She screamed, her body filling with ecstasy and moving of its own accord to the rhythm of his movements.

She reached for his hand that was braced on her hip and guided it up her body. He grabbed hold of a breast, but she continued to move his hand up and toward her neck. Her hand on top of his, she motioned him to grip it firmly. He did, increasing the speed and depth of his movements as he did so. She responded by tightening her grip on his penis, and vigorously thrusting her small round bottom onto his thighs.

She watched their reflections as she finally went over the edge and came. The grip she held on his thick penis contracted and relaxed as she braced herself on the mirror, letting out a cry of pleasure which he was sure could be heard anywhere in the building. As she came, she felt again the further hardening of his penis, signalling his own leaping off the edge. Encouraged by her, he did not hold back in the noise he made. As he painted her insides, he let out a deep rumbling vocalisation, her gleefully watching in the mirror as he did so.

His body was still shaking as he exited her. He hadn’t caught his breath yet as he watched his semen drip out of her open vagina and onto the clean plastic flooring. He looked back up at her in the reflection and his eyes met hers. They held there for a second, the both of them realising what they had just done. They let out a stifled, breathy laugh, faces lit up with a shocked yet joyful expression.

Hastily putting their clothes back on, she checked her watch. They would be cutting it a little fine, but she was right, the Friday afternoon lecture break was long enough to let off a little steam and reenergise.

“You know, I think I might ensure I’m at these afternoon classes more often.”

“Me too.” She replied, as they opened the bathroom door and headed back.

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