Nicola Redux Ch. 07

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Nicola Redux*

Olwen’s introduction. This is a work of fiction, dreamed up since joining Literotica and being inspired by lots of very hot kinky stories that I’ve already read. I don’t think I’m a vain person, but I have been self-centered enough to include a character based on myself. She is quite different to me, but I enjoyed putting myself in her shoes. I note that many authors here include a disclaimer that says all characters in the story are 18 or over, and that all sex is consensual. This applies to this serial too. If you like it, please vote and leave comments.

*One dictionary definition of ‘Redux’ is ‘to bring back’ or ‘to bring home safely.’

Chapter Seven

At exactly the same moment that her alarm went off to get her up and ready for school, Nicola Moran’s mobile rang. Given that the ringtone was Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’, Nicola knew straightaway that the caller was her girlfriend and lover, Lynette Jenkins. Ignoring the persistent, annoying bleep of the bedside alarm, Nicola picked up her mobile and pressed the ‘accept call’ button.

“Good morning, darling,” she smiled at the image on the screen in her hand. Lynette and Nicola always face timed each other. “Did you sleep well?”

Lynette made a moue and shook her head. “I miss being able to turn over and kiss you, or finger your beautiful cunt,” she said miserably. “This only cohabiting at weekends is starting to piss me off.”

“It’s your institution that frowns on lesbian partnerships,” Nicola replied, referring to the police service, where Lynette was currently a police commander. Nicola didn’t want her lover to think that she didn’t want to live with her. She stitched a bright smile onto her face and continued,

“It’s Friday, my love. I’m just off to school, and then in a couple of hours, you and I can be together again for the weekend. We’ll go to the club as usual, have some fun with the girls and then you can take me home and fuck me senseless all night!”

Lynette cheered up. “That sounds like a plan,” she smiled, adding, “Are you still in bed? What’s that bloody awful noise in the background?”

Nicola giggled. “Yes, I’ve only just woken up. You called just as the alarm went off. I chose to answer you, not turn the alarm off. Hang on.”

She reached over to her bedside table and switched the alarm off. The quilt dropped away as she moved, exposing her large, firm tits. Being a policewoman trained to be observant, Lynette missed nothing.

“Fuck! Your tits are so beautiful!” she said throatily. “I can’t wait to get my lips round those nipples later on.”

Nicola smiled. She rolled onto her back and peeled the quilt all the way down, holding her mobile so that Lynette got the whole view.

“I’m saving this for you as well,” said Nicola with a grin, as she slipped two fingers into her cunt and opened it up for Lynette to see. “I’d love your face down there right now!”

She began to finger herself, teasing her lover. Lynette groaned.

“You bitch!” she smiled. “There’s you, naked in bed and fingering yourself, and where am I? Already in the fucking station, reading up on the information I should have read yesterday in preparation for today’s course on ‘Policing in the Modern Era’. I knew Thursday night sex with you would leave me gagging for more!”

Nicola giggled again. “My cunt’s starting to leak,” she whispered provocatively. “I think we’d better end this chat. If I see you in your uniform, I’ll never get out of bed! You know what women in uniform do to me!”

Lynette grinned. “I know what this uniformed woman will be doing to you later on,” she said. “And I won’t be needing my uniform or my truncheon!”

The reference to Lynette’s truncheon was a standing joke between them. It was how they referred to her strap-on cock, which was long, thick and black, just like the only weapon British policemen and women had been authorised to carry until relatively recently.

They blew one another a kiss, promised that their kisses later on would be much longer, wetter and deeper, and ended the phone call. Nicola, conscious of the time, raced into the shower, hurriedly drank a quick cup of coffee, and raced out of the house.

Thirty seconds later, she was back in the kitchen to collect her lunch box, which she was thankful she’d had the foresight to prepare last night before she went to bed. She got into her lovely new car and drove to school.

Nicola parked her car in the staff car park, got out and waved at her friend and mentor, Myra Bowen, who had also just arrived.

“Good morning, Mrs. Moran,” called Myra, conscious of the many pupils who were arriving in a steady stream.

“There’s something we need to discuss,” Myra continued. “Can you come to my room straightaway, please?”

“Of course, Miss Bowen,” replied Nicola equally formally. “I’ll just put my lunch in the staff room and I’ll be there in a minute.”

Nicola knocked on the door marked ‘Miss M Bowen Deputy Head teacher’ and waited for the invitation to enter. When it bahis firmaları came, she went in quickly and closed the door behind her. She was greeted by a grinning Myra, who grabbed her hand and pulled her into an embrace.

“I have news,” she said excitedly. “it’s been almost a year now since our little group took you under our collective wings and got shot of that twat of a husband of yours.”

Nicola nodded. She knew this, and had thanked her lucky stars every day since. This wasn’t news, so what had got Myra so excited? She was soon to find out.

“The Inner Sanctum are meeting tonight in the club,” continued Myra. “Your ex-husband has completed his transformation and training, and is to be paraded for members tonight. Unfortunately, the rules say that members have priority over the choice of house slaves, so we won’t be able to play with him this evening. But the very fact that we will all be there to witness his first evening being used by members of the club will really humiliate him. as a new slave, I reckon most of the members present will want to use him. He’s going to be fucked, pegged, pissed on and made to suck cock and eat cunt before they’ve finished with him!”

Nicola giggled. “I keep count,” she told Myra proudly. “Today marks ten months, three weeks and one day exactly since you found me crying over that cartoon in the staff room. My life has been transformed since then, and it’s all down to you and the wonderful ladies of the Inner Sanctum!”

She gave Myra a peck on the mouth and smiled.

“Lynette and I have a date tonight,” she said shyly. “Before either of us knew about what’s going to happen in the club. We were going to meet there and then disappear for a weekend of filth. I think now that both of us will need no persuasion to stay for a while!”

Myra let go of her young colleague’s hand. She looked at Nicola fondly.

“Lynette is a changed woman since she met you, my dear,” she said. “She used to be such a predatory bitch. She’d fuck anything with a pulse! Since you captivated her that first day in the Building Society, she’s been a real pussy cat!”

Nicola blushed when she recalled her first meeting with Lynette. Almost a year previously, Myra had taken her to the Building Society to ‘sort out her problem’ having first explained to Nicola that what they were about to embark on was totally illegal. Walking up to the Building Society, Nicola had spotted a uniformed police officer loitering in the doorway, and had panicked. Myra had had to literally drag her into the building.

The fact that Lynette had then kissed her on the mouth and grabbed her arse hadn’t reassured Nicola at all. But Lynette had provided the person who had forged all the necessary documents. She had brought a policeman to witness that Nicola’s story, not Kevin’s was true, when it was time to get Kevin out of the house, and Nicola had gradually fallen in love with the beautiful police commander.

“You two really ought to do the decent thing, and get married,” Myra said gruffly. “The ladies of the Inner Sanctum could do with a good piss-up wedding, and we’d all scrub up well enough to make a beautiful bevy of bridesmaids!”

Nicola giggled again.

“if we do take the plunge and get married,” she said, blushing a beautiful shade of red, “I’ll need someone to give me away. Both my parents are dead, and I’m an only child. I have no family. So, I’m afraid the Inner Sanctum would be three ladies short. Lynette and me, of course. But also you, Myra. I’d want you to give me away. You’re such an important part of my life, and you’ve taught me so much. I can’t think of anyone better to do the job.”

Myra coughed and appeared to be lost for words. She sniffed loudly and rubbed her sleeve across her eyes.

“Huh!” she snorted. “Listen to us. Talking as if everything was planned! As long as Lynette is a member of that out-dated, sexist group, you two can never marry. We’re living in the twenty-first century, whilst the UK police force is still operating under Robert Peel’s laws and times!”

Myra cleared her throat and made shooing motions with her arms.

“We both have classes to get to,” she said in a mock annoyed voice. “I’ll see you later on in the club. Make sure you’re shaved and smooth. You know we Inner Sanctum ladies set the highest of standards!”

For Nicola, the day passed with agonising slowness. But eventually, the bell to signal the end of the day sounded. Nicola looked up from the text book she was using.

“Thank you, Year Ten,” she said. “Please stand, put your chairs on your desks, and then leave quietly and safely. Have a lovely weekend. See you next Tuesday when we’ll start on scene three of A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Her pupils all did as they were told, leaving the classroom neat and tidy and going out in an orderly and quiet fashion. Nicola smiled as she recalled how her classroom discipline had improved.

She had been supervising a class the day that Myra had found her in tears. That class had exited on a Friday afternoon kaçak iddaa with all the grace and subtlety of a herd of charging wildebeest. Nicola had been forced to tidy up and it was then that she’d found that cartoon.

But, she reasoned to herself as she put her books away and prepared to go home, if she hadn’t found it, she wouldn’t have burst into tears, Myra wouldn’t have come to her rescue, and she’d never have been shot of Kevin and found love and happiness with Lynette.

“Every cloud has a silver lining” she told herself happily, as she made her way to the carpark to drive home to prepare for the evening’s entertainment, and a weekend of filthy, kinky sex.

Something suddenly struck her, and she burst out laughing, attracting some strange looks from colleagues who were also leaving school. She unlocked the car and got in.

“I actually said ‘See you next Tuesday’ to Year Ten just now,” she thought to herself. “I can’t believe that not one of them realised that phrase used to be used instead of the word cunt when I was a teenager. See (C) You (U) Next (N) Tuesday (T). Nicola Moran, you’re a dirty, foul mouthed bitch!”

As she drove carefully out of the staff car park, her laughter could be heard clearly above the throaty rasp of her car exhaust.

Promptly, at eight o’clock that evening, the Uber taxi that Nicola habitually used when she was going to the club dropped her off at the entrance to the local authority run lap-dancing club in the less salubrious part of the town.

She thanked the driver, a part time dominatrix at the club, and walked confidently into the foyer of the lap dancing club, where an attractive middle aged woman sat behind the reception desk. She smiled at Nicola.

“Good evening, Mistress,” she said respectfully. “Most of the other members of the Inner Sanctum have arrived. It’s going to be a big night tonight.”

“Hi Mildred,” replied Nicola with a smile. “You’re right. I think I’m going to enjoy the spectacle of seeing my ex-husband used and abused by the members this evening!”

“Mistress Olwen has given the staff permission to use him as well, when everyone has finished with him,” said Mildred excitedly. “I had baked beans on toast for dinner. I can’t wait to sit on his face! It’ll be my way of getting back at him for how he treated you, Mistress.”

Mildred pressed the button underneath her desk. She smiled again at Nicola.

“The lift doors are unlocked for you, Mistress,” she informed her. “Have a lovely evening!”

“I will. Thanks again, Mildred,” replied Nicola, adding, “when you sit on my bastard ex’s face, please don’t just fart on him. Follow through. He always hated shit.”

Mildred giggled. “Will do, Mistress,” she replied.

Mildred was the resident Scat Queen, employed by the club to entertain those members whose interests lay. literally, in the toilet. Kevin was in for a tasty, smelly shock later on thought Nicola as she descended in the lift to the underground club that only a very select number of people knew existed.

The lift stopped and the doors opened automatically Nicola could see the familiar large vestibule, well-lit and tastefully decorated. As in the foyer upstairs, there was a reception desk, but there the similarity ended. Sitting behind her desk was Kalie, an extremely large young woman. As usual, she was naked and her upper body was almost completely covered in the most intricate and colourful tattoos that Nicola had ever seen. Kalie even seemed to have added a few more tattoos since Nicola had last seen her.

Her head was shaved, except for a Mohican strip, which was dyed in a rainbow pattern. She wore a myriad of earrings as well as having piercings in her nose, her lips and her eyebrows. Nicola immediately noted that her huge nipples both now displayed a double piercing, a bar through each areola, with the nipples themselves both displaying a thick, heavy loop. As Nicola entered, Kalie stood up, and Nicola greeted her with a grin.

“Oh I love your nipple piercings, Kalie,” said Nicola enthusiastically. “Are they new?”

“Yeth, Mithtreth,” lisped Kalie, whose lisp wasn’t helped by the tongue piercing so many of her lovers enjoyed when she went down on them to eat their cunts.

“Mithtretth Olwen took me to a real fanthy plathe in London last weekend. They’re jutht about healed up now, tho tonight I’m booked for thome tit and nipple torture with Mithtreth.”

Olwen was the only member of the Inner Sanctum without a regular partner, Nicola knew. But that didn’t stop her getting her fair share of sex, and Kalie was one of her favourites. Both Olwen and Kalie loved tit and nipple torture, and Kalie’s huge tits were constantly a mass of bruises and rope burns from the play that the two women indulged in.

Nicola waved her fingers in farewell to the lovely receptionist and made her way to the room where the Inner Sanctum met. A red light glowed above the door, showing that the room was in use, and out of bounds to anyone other than the ladies of the Inner Sanctum. Nicola went kaçak bahis in and smiled as she was greeted enthusiastically by her friends.

Mona and her wife Eliza were chatting with Beryl and her girlfriend Theresa They all smiled at the latest addition to the group.

“Where’s everyone else?” asked Nicola, just as the door opened and Rachel and her new wife Marion came in, all smiles and giggling with excitement at what they were about to witness.

Rachel kissed Nicola enthusiastically. She was a very demonstrative woman, and after she’d kissed Nicola, she greeted all the other ladies in a similar manner. Marion rolled her eyes fondly.

“She’s such a slut,” she whispered to Marion, “but I love her to death. She’s already given me four orgasms before we left the house. I need a drink or I’m going to be in danger of dehydration!”

Nicola giggled as she and Marion made their way to the bar area of the room, where Olwen was busy making a tray load of drinks.

“Evening ladies,” Olwen greeted them. “We’re all on gin and tonic. What can I get you two?”

“G and T sounds a perfect way to start the evening,” said Nicola, and Marion nodded in agreement. “Put a double in Rachel’s glass,” she said conspiratorially to Olwen. “She’s kissing everyone like a fucking nympho, and I want to try and slow her down a bit. I am going to need fucking at some point tonight!”

When the drinks had all been served, all the members sat down at the horseshoe shaped table that Nicola remembered from her initiation test last year.

“No Myra and Nancy?” she asked. “I spoke to Myra in school this morning, and she seemed very excited about tonight’s event. I thought she and Nancy would be here by now.”

“Her car’s playing up,” Olwen said, sipping her gin. “She phoned me to tell me that they were coming, but that they’d have to get a taxi.”

“Why didn’t she get Georgina to pick them up?” asked Nicola in a puzzled voice. “I thought she spent the weekends at Myra’s anyway.”

“Georgina’s here,” replied Eliza. “She’s been instrumental in conditioning and training the new batch of house slaves. Olwen felt it would only be fair to let hur take part in the show tonight.”

The internal phone buzzed and Marion, who was nearest to it, picked it up and listened. “Thanks, Kalie,” she said eventually and replaced the receiver in its stand.

“Fucking hell, it’s hard enough understanding Kalie face to face,” she said with a grin. “On the phone it’s ten times harder! Anyway, Myra and Nancy are on their way. Lynette’s driver has picked them up, and they’re all coming together. They’ll be here in about ten minutes.”

“Lynette’s driver is that cute bit of stuff that she’s proposed for membership here, isn’t she?” asked Mona. “You know her, Nicola. I think she’s called Diana. Diana Sterling.”

Nicola nodded. “I first met her when we did that ‘disturbance’ thing at my house,” she explained. “I never knew that she was a lesbian then, of course. But Lynette knew, and she kept Di’s secret, and Di has been ultra-loyal ever since.”

“It was Di who taught me to drive last year,” Nicola continued. “She knows about Lynette and me, and she’s not said a word to anyone. Lynette says that Di confided in her during a recent performance review. Her girlfriend has dumped her and moved away. Di told Lynette that she’s thinking of moving away too.”

“That’s why she’s proposed her for membership here. Is she up to be a new member of the Inner Sanctum, do you know?”

“Lynette did mention it to Myra and me, as senior members of the Inner Sanctum,” Olwen confessed. “As you all know, we will always strive to help ladies who share our particular preferences. Myra and I have decided to let this Diana have a short term membership. We’ll keep an eye on her and see if she’s worthy to join us.”

“That seems very sensible,” said Beryl, the most level headed and least adventurous of the group. Beryl enjoyed being fucked by Theresa, and occasionally satisfied her passion for mild punishment, but she rarely took part in any group activities that the rest of the Inner Sanctum indulged in.

They continued to drink and to chat until Lynette, Myra and Nancy arrived. Kisses of greeting were exchanged, and Nicola saved her wettest for her girlfriend, who sucked her tongue enthusiastically before thrusting her own tongue into Nicola’s mouth for her to suck.

“Now then ladies,” Olwen interrupted the general hubbub, “It’s just about nine o’clock. The members will have been gathering in the concert room, and I’m sure they are eager to begin. Shall we join them?”

The Inner Sanctum trooped out of their meeting room and along the corridor into the concert room, a vast room, discretely lit, with a series of discrete booths along two of the walls. Tables were arranged in the middle of the floor, all of them facing the barely lit stage which dominated the far end of the room. The Inner Sanctum sat down at their reserved table, and Olwen nodded to Kalie, who was hovering at the side of the stage.

Kalie spoke into a small handset, and the lights in the main room dimmed. A bright spotlight appeared from the heights above the stage, and to some applause and some cat-calls, Georgina, Myra’s sissy slut minced onto the stage.

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