Sailing Lessons

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I had taken two weeks off to vacation at the lake. It was going to be sort of a working vacation, since I would be working on Uncle Ed’s cabins. Uncle Ed is my wife’s uncle, who has more money than he knows what to do with. He owns a whole resort on the lake, complete with about twenty cabins. He usually sets aside ten or so cabins in the middle of the summer for all of the shirt-tail relatives to use and a sort of loose family reunion ensues every summer.

This summer was a little different for me. Louise was spending the summer in Germany, working on her PhD, doing research in some old university there. I had agreed to spend the two weeks at the cabins hooking up Uncle Ed’s new satellite dish network to all the cabins. In return, I was getting not only free room and board, which was usual, but the use of Ed’s sailboat, and basically any damn thing I wanted from the marina, all on his account. Not that this would affect Ed in the least: he would be in Africa the whole summer, and I couldn’t hope to put a dent in his bank account anyway. He just traded stuff like this with me because he liked to wheel and deal and we had struck this deal a year ago over a card game. The work was no big deal. The sailboat was. It was a big, fine sailboat, the biggest on the lake, and great fun to sail if the breeze came up.

I was going to miss most of the family get-togethers this summer, as I was showing up a little late, and most of the crew was packing up and heading out. I did show up in time for the feast that usually marks the end of the vacation for most of the relatives.

When I drove up to the main lodge, the whole group was out front by the beach, enjoying what might be the last of the warm weather. The picnic tables were stacked high with food, and about twenty-five of Louise’s relatives were yukking it up over beers, brats, and potato salad. The sun was shining and the breeze coming in off the lake carried the aroma of fun and relaxation: fishing and sailing; warm days on the beach, and cool nights by the fire. All my thoughts of work and stress just melted away.

I parked my van next to the lodge, one of those huge log cabin constructions. Fred waved from the picnic table. Fred was the caretaker of the lodge and cabins. He managed the rental of cabins and the rooms in the main lodge. We had known each other for many years and had similar tastes in beer, fishing, and sailboats.

“Dave! Grab a plate!” he said, handing me a cold beer. “Good to see you! How was the drive up here?”

“No problem, Fred. Just a little slow ’cause of the road construction.” I started loading up my plate at the food table and checking to see who was here that I knew. Louise’s extended family was big enough that I only got to see some of them every few years or so, and it looked like this crowd was mostly those that I had only met once or twice. I did recognize Albert and Edna, distant cousins of Louise, who lived in Canada. It had been a long time since we had visited them. I waved at Albert, who held up his beer and continued to munch away on a bratwurst. Edna didn’t even see me so I sat down by Fred and started chowing down.

“How’s life treatin’ ya, Fred?” I asked.

“Not bad, Dave, not bad. It’s been an easy summer, and the next couple of weeks three of the cabins will be empty, so I’ll probably be able to catch up on my boat a little bit.”

Fred was about sixty years old, and had been building a sailboat for the last twenty. It was almost done, and Fred was planning on retiring on it. (It had never sailed, and was not likely to soon, at the rate that Fred was working on it. He always talked about working on the boat, but he seldom did, even though it was almost finished.)

Fred was a roly-poly bear of a man; gone gray, but not gone soft. Just slowed down somewhat. Even at that, he made running the resort seem more of a hobby than work, and somehow everything got done; and Fred still had time to talk to everyone; and fish off the dock; and sit outside the lodge and sun himself.

I was listening to Fred tell me how his sailboat was coming along, and what had happened at the lake since I had been up there while I scanned the crowd for familiar faces. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone approaching from the lodge.

She was a tall girl, with a beautiful tan, and long brown hair that curled down around her shoulders. She was headed for the food table. Her cutoff jeans shorts were very short and the crisp white blouse was caught up in a knot just under her breasts, exposing her midriff. As she bent over the food table to get a plate, I couldn’t help admiring how well her perfect heart-shaped ass filled out her short cutoffs.

She went around to the other side of the table and leaned over to reach the potato salad. The front view was even better than the back. She had a beautiful face, with large dark eyes, and a full red mouth. As she leaned over I could see the soft round sides of her breasts. I don’t know if she caught me staring down her blouse or not, but she looked up suddenly, smiled, and said,

“Uncle pendik escort Dave! How are you?

“Uh, great!” I replied, realizing suddenly that I should probably recognize this girl.

“How are you doing?” I asked.

“Excellent!” she said, “Where’s Louise?”

“She’s in Germany, finishing up her PhD.” I said. (Shit! Who was this angel? I tried to estimate the age of this cute young thing. 18? 20? Her face had just a hint of adolescence, but her body had all the firm curves of a full-grown woman.)

“How’s your folks?” I asked, hoping to get more clues to who this babe was and why I should know her. Was she really my niece?

“Oh, they’re doing fine. They’re headed home already. Daddy had to get back to the store, and Mom decided to go along.” She smiled sweetly. “I get to stay another week, and go home with the Johnsons.” (No clues yet.) She scooped some fruit salad onto her plate. “Staying long?” she asked.

“A couple weeks.” I said. Her face did look familiar.

“Cool.” she said, sitting down right across from Fred. She flicked her head to get the hair out of her eyes, and I immediately recognized her. It was little Audrey Wilson! I hadn’t seen her for several years, and she had gone from a geeky adolescent with braces to looking like a super-model! I was hugely impressed!

Audrey asked Fred “When are you hooking up the satellite system?

Fred looked at me and smiled. “You’ll have to ask Dave here, he’s the one doin’ it.”

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow and said, “I didn’t know you knew how to do that sort of stuff!”

“Sure,” I said with a wink, “I know all sorts of stuff.”

Fred just grinned. Audrey graced me with one of her dazzling smiles and said, “Maybe you can teach me how to do some of that! I’d be glad to help!”

“I didn’t realize you were interested in video and electronic stuff.” I said, opening another beer.

She looked me with a twinkle in her eye and said with a grin, “I’m interested in lots of things.”

“Well,” I said, “I’ll probably be starting on it tomorrow sometime. I’ll let you know when I start in on it.”

“Cool!” Audrey said, scooping up another fork-full of salad.

Fred handed me a key to a cabin and said, “I put you in cabin seven this week. I hope that’s OK.”

Cabin seven was located up the trail, isolated from the rest, and kind of a long ways from the lake.

“No problem, Fred.” I said. “I like that one as well as any of the others.”

We finished eating, and Albert came over to join the conversation. As the conversation degenerated into one of Albert’s longwinded fishing adventures, Audrey excused herself, and gracing me with another dazzling smile, said she’d see me tomorrow.

Chapter 2

Outside, the morning was bright, warm and inviting. In the kitchen of the main lodge, the smell of the huge breakfast that Fred was cooking was even more inviting, and many of the relatives and guests had been taking advantage of Fred’s hospitality and good cooking.

Albert and Edna were just mopping up the last of their hotcakes and sausages at one table and Audrey sat at another, nursing a Mountain Dew and drowning a hotcake in syrup. She spotted me and her face lit up with a huge smile. I said Hi to Albert and Edna, and had a seat across from Audrey.

Audrey said “Good morning! How are you?”

“I’m doing fine, yourself?”

“Almost perfect!” She said with a wink. Audrey was wearing a halter top that showed off her breasts wonderfully. Audrey’s breasts were perfect and rounded, firm and perky, and I could almost swear that her nipples jumped to attention as soon as I looked at them. I’m sure she noticed me looking at them, but she just smiled brightly and looked into my eyes.

“It’s a beautiful day out, isn’t it?” She asked.

“Yes it is.” I agreed, “What are you planning to do today?” “I don’t have much of a plan,” she said, smearing a fork full of pancake around in the syrup on her plate, “What are you going to do?”

“Hmm, maybe Fred’s got some odd jobs for me to do this morning, but then it depends if UPS shows up.”

I asked Fred what he wanted me to do today, since a couple of the parts still hadn’t shown up.

“Well, Dave, that dock just off the point still needs a new hinge under it, if you’re up to fixing that today.”

“Sure,” I said, “it’s a beautiful day, and I need something to do. Might as well fix the dock.”

Albert and Edna were getting up to leave, and had obviously overheard us and stopped at our table on their way out.

“Do you want to go shopping with us this morning?” Edna offered to Audrey.

“I don’t think so,” Audrey said. “I’ll probably just work on my tan, and do a little swimming.”

Albert and Edna left, leaving just Fred and Audrey and me in the dining room. Fred went into the kitchen to start to clean up. Audrey had just finished her coffee, and I was cleaning up the bacon and eggs Fred had put in front of me.

Fred came back into the dining room and started clearing dishes. If he noticed those beautiful nipples escort pendik poking through her top, he didn’t let on. Audrey got up to help with the dishes, and I naturally followed suit. Audrey followed Fred into the kitchen with her plate and offered to help wash dishes, but Fred shooed us both out of the kitchen, and suggested I get after fixing the dock. I decided that was a good idea, and Audrey said she was going back to her cabin to change into her swimsuit.

I was up to my armpits in water, under the dock, with the cordless drill when I heard footsteps on the dock. I looked up through the cracks between the boards, and watched as Audrey stopped directly above me. She was wearing a towel wrapped around her, and a swimsuit underneath. I had a bug’s eye view of her legs, which ran right up to a skimpy bikini bottom.

She knelt on the dock and hung her head over so she could see what I was doing.

“Having fun under there?” she asked.

I looked at her upside-down face, and said, “Sure, why wouldn’t I? The work is mighty complicated, but I get coffee breaks.” I said, reaching up to lay the drill on the dock beside Audrey.

I waded out from under the dock, and gazed at Audrey, who was now lying on the dock, her face propped in her hands. Generous amounts of her boobs were visible, oozing from her tiny swimsuit top.

“Can I help?” She asked.

“I’m just about done here,” I said. “I was just going to clean up a bit and then see what else needed doing.”

“Mind if I tag along?” Audrey asked.

“Not at all.” I said, as I packed up the little toolbox and started up towards my cabin.

“Are you going to start on the network today?” she asked, as she walked along with me. I was having a great time just watching her walk with me.

“We could, I suppose. We don’t have all the parts, but we could get the cable run into a couple of the cabins.” I said. “You still want to help with that?” I asked, giving her ample opportunity to bail out before we got started.

“Sure!” she said brightly.

I let her go first when we got to the path that went up the hill. The view of her beautiful ass was almost breathtaking in the tiny little bikini bottom as we walked up the steep path. It also gave me a chance to rearrange my swim trunks a bit to make it a little less obvious that I was sporting a huge erection from watching young Audrey sway up the hill.

We both went to our separate cabins and changed into clothes we could work in, and met back at my cabin to get our kit gathered together.

We managed to get cable strung from the main lodge to the first three cabins, including Uncle Ed’s, where Audrey was staying, and Audrey had turned out to be a hard working, likeable assistant. I had assumed she’d give up after a couple of hours of work and go to work on her suntan, but she had surprised me. She had not only done the tasks I asked her to, but had been a couple steps ahead of me sometimes, handing me the tool I needed before I could ask her for it.

About half a dozen times through the day, though, I noticed that Audrey had managed to put herself in a position where I would have to reach past her for something, or would get a great view down her top. Her flirting seemed almost second nature, and I was beginning to enjoy it more and more. Her smile and sense of humor were infectious, and there was mischief in her eyes.

Late in the day, we wound up back at Audrey’s cabin. She carried the control box for the dish in and sat it down on the shelf by the big screen TV, next to the VCR.

“When are we going to wire up the controller and see if this thing works?” she asked.

“That thing goes in the main lodge.” I said.

“I thought it would wind up here, since this is Uncle Ed’s cabin, and it’s his satellite dish and all.” Audrey said, looking confused. She was really beautiful. She was wearing white shorts, which while very baggy, were quite short. Her long, tan legs looked even longer and tanner than usual. The tank top she wore was clingy and soft. It showed off her flat tummy, and I couldn’t help but notice that, even though she was wearing a bra, I could still make out her nipples through the material. She had a wonderful figure for such a young woman. Her teeth were perfectly white, and even looking confused, she had that smile that made you think she could just laugh at any time.

“He’s never here anyway, so we decided to put the main unit in the lodge.” I said.

“How’s he going to change satellites, then?” she asked.

“There’s a remote that gets hooked up here that’ll do that.” I said. “We’ll get that done tomorrow probably.”

“When are we going sailing?” She asked, walking into the kitchen and grabbing two cokes from the fridge. She handed me one, and I looked out the window at the sun going down on the lake.

“Well, it looks too late to do it anymore today. Maybe we’ll just have to take a day off for fun.” I said. I started to pick up the tools and gear we had just used to get this cabin wired. Audrey picked up the control box and we took it back out pendik escort bayan to the truck. I took some of the tools out. When I went back inside, Audrey had the TV on and was fiddling with the VCR.

“Something seems to be wrong with this darned thing.” she said. She pushed the buttons on the front and nothing happened. I went over and ejected the tape that was in there. There was nothing wrong with the tape that I could see.

“Any idea what’s on this tape?” I asked.

“It was in there.” She said. “This is the first time I’ve tried to turn it on.”

“Any idea where the remote control is?” I asked. Audrey started going through the little drawers of the coffee and end tables and finally came up with it. I managed to get the menu to pop up on the screen, and discovered that the ‘parent lock’ was switched on. After turning that off, I hit the play button and the tape started, apparently in the middle of a movie. I handed the remote to Audrey, who had plopped herself in the overstuffed easy chair with her legs tucked under her. “Thanks!” She said brightly, “This’ll give me something to do tonight.”

On the TV, a young couple was walking down a beach as the sun was setting. I went into the kitchen and began picking up the last of my small tools and putting them in my toolbox. When I glanced into the other room, the young couple on the TV was kissing passionately, and the young man was removing the top of the young woman’s swimsuit.

I placed the last of my tools in the toolbox, and checked the other room. Audrey’s eyes were glued to the screen. The young woman had removed her bikini completely, and was tugging the young man’s swimming trunks down. She knelt in front of him, and as she pulled the trunks down, his fully erect prick sprang out. Without hesitation, the young woman began giving the young man an enthusiastic blow job.

I had my tools packed and was ready to leave, but didn’t want to embarrass Audrey by catching her watching a porno movie. I wondered who had left it in the VCR. I almost expected Audrey to turn the tape off, but she was making no move to do that. She did have the remote control in her hand, but just stared at the screen. The image of the young woman’s mouth and the shiny purple knob on the end of the young man’s dick disappearing and reappearing filled the huge TV screen. I wasn’t sure just how to handle this, but I probably shouldn’t have worried about it.

“Hey Uncle Dave! Come check this out!” Audrey yelled over her shoulder. “It’s a porno movie!”

So much for me being discrete about catching her. I put the toolbox down and walked into the room.

“Who do you suppose left this tape in the VCR? Do you think its Uncle Ed’s?” She asked, finally tearing her eyes away from the screen to look up at me standing beside her chair.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” I said, “I wouldn’t put it past him. But lots of the other relatives have been through here this summer too. It could be anybody’s. How’d you wind up with this cabin anyway?” I asked.

“Fred just put me in here when my parents left last Friday, because that cabin was rented for this week.” Audrey said, looking back at the screen. “There wasn’t anybody in this one last week that I know of.”

I looked down at Audrey. She wasn’t paying any attention to me. I noticed that she was sitting in the chair with her legs under her, and the heel of her foot probably was pushed right into her crotch. Her nipples now showed clearly through her tank top. She was obviously fascinated with the action on the screen.

“Would you get me another Coke before you sit down?” Audrey asked, holding her empty can up over her head without even looking at me.

“Sure.” I said, taking the can. I glanced back at the screen on my way into the kitchen and caught Audrey rearranging herself in the chair slightly. I could feel my own erection pressing at the front of my jeans. As I had my head in the fridge, getting the Coke for her, she said:

“Whoa! Check this out! This guy must have the longest tongue there is!” Audrey called from the other room. She had stilled the picture when I walked back in and handed her the Coke. She restarted the tape as I sat down. Sure enough, the young man had a tongue that looked long enough for him to lick his eyebrows with, and he was plunging it into the wet, pink folds of the young woman’s pussy. It certainly looked real, as he lapped away at her pussy, and ran it up and down the length of her slit. The young woman responded by grabbing the young man’s ears and pressing his head into her crotch as her hips bucked.

“I wonder where they found that guy.” Audrey said. “His tongue is almost longer than his dong!”

“Oh, they probably just called up Central Casting and asked for an actor with a six inch long tongue.” I said.

“Now,” Audrey said winking at me, “all I need is the number for Central Casting!”

The young man on the screen had licked his way up to the young woman’s breasts and was licking her nipples. Then he kneeled between her legs and worked his prick into her. The camera zoomed in on it sliding in and out of her neatly trimmed slit. He pounded away at her for several minutes, and every once in a while he would pull almost all the way out so you could see his slippery knob.

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