Sam and Jake Pt. 06

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There was a lump in his throat and it wouldn’t go away. He couldn’t swallow it down or cough it up. He knew it was nervousness made physical but that didn’t help any.

Jake glanced at the stairs for the fiftieth time, but his Mom still hadn’t appeared. She was upstairs getting ready for their ‘movie date’ with Susan, and was taking her sweet time about it.

It had been a very long week, waiting for Friday to arrive, but it was almost time – Susan was due to pick them up in a half hour. Jake had distracted himself by spending the week looking for work and planning his summer. He’d also spent time with his Mom, of course, but they’d both been distracted with worry and so hadn’t had sex even once since the graduation day.

It seemed that getting caught had brought cruel reality crashing down onto them. They hadn’t discussed the situation, but just seemed to find excuses why they were too busy, or too tired, to spend time together. Time in bed was just spent sleeping. All of his Mom’s talk of having his baby had completely stopped.

Jake sighed. His life had gone from exciting to stressful, passionate to pathetic. He hadn’t even bothered to jerk off since that Saturday morning, but being the teenager he was, he could feel it building up, and he was increasingly getting distracted by sexy thoughts. A slight breeze now would cause his cock to stiffen in his pants.

Pants. Jake was dressed in some nicer clothes than usual for the date, and while he didn’t mind, they did constrict a bit. He had a polo shirt as well, with dress shoes. He knew he looked good, but any confidence this should have given him was destroyed by his anxiety at the situation.

Finally, with 10 minutes to go before Susan arrived, his Mom appeared at the top of the stairs. She looked down at him and smiled hesitantly before proceeding down to join him. She was dressed in blue slacks and a short-sleeved tan blouse, her hair loose on her shoulders.

Jake forgot about his stress for a minute as he watched her walk down the stairs. He forgot the anxiety and was transported back to when he first saw his Mom as a sexual being. Time seemed to slow as she walked down each stair. Her hair stirred in the air, waving around her face. She was done up with minimal makeup, but it highlighted her eyes and mouth. He mentally undressed her, imagining her walking down naked, her breasts swaying with each step. He felt a familiar stir in his pants. He slowly stood up to meet her, lost in the moment, when the doorbell rang.

They both jumped.

“I guess she’s early,” his Mom said, her voice betraying the same frog in her throat that Jake had.

He nodded with a weak smile, and followed her to greet the person who had popped their wonderful, sexy, passionate world. He adjusted his pants.


Sam walked ahead of her son as they went down the hall. She had his image in her mind, admiring it. It had seemed they might be able to bridge the gap that had arisen between them, but the damn doorbell broke the spell.

Grimacing at how strained her relationship with her son had become, she squared her shoulders and planted a fake smile on her face to welcome the life-wrecker.

Standing on the front step was a vision in a yellow sundress, heels, and a bright smile.

“You two look great!” the vision exclaimed. “Oh, I know we are going to have a fun time tonight. I’ve been looking forward to it all week, haven’t you?”

The force of the joy she radiated caught Sam completely off guard. It was completely at odds with the somber mood dominating them the last week due to this ‘date’.

She looked back at Jake, but he just stood there, obviously tongue-tied.

She turned back to Susan. “You look beautiful, Susan, thank you so much for the invitation,” she said, to fill the gap.

“Thank you! This is my favourite dress.” Susan twirled, rising the lower portion enough to get a glimpse of… hm. Her skirt didn’t quite lift high enough. She faced them again, her cheeks flushed. “I hope I didn’t freak you out the other day. I thought it would be funny to tease you a bit, but maybe you didn’t see it the same way?” She stopped and waited.

Sam spoke up again, “I admit, you did freak us out.” She laughed nervously. “We were trying to be… discreet by going to the classroom, and thought we got away with it. Your texts kind of put a dash of cold water on it all.”

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! I hope you can forgive me; I really didn’t want to do that. I… am very interested in your relationship. When I saw you two in that classroom I was blown away. I have never seen two people so obviously into each other like that. It… affected me, if you know what I mean. Oh, and by the way, please call me Emma. Susan is for strangers and telemarketers, as my mother would say. All my friends call me Emma.”

“That’s a lovely name, Emma. Pleased to meet you for the second time.” Sam said. Emma grinned in response.

Sam looked over at Jake and smiled. He had perked up considerably. “To be honest, pendik escort we’ve been pretty busy since your text and haven’t really found the opportunity to… be into each other.” Her mouth twisted at being so open about such a private subject, but after all there was no reason to hide it from her now.

“Oh, that’s too bad!” Emma empathized. “Maybe you can find some time soon.” She winked as she said this.

“Shall we head out?” she said, and turned to the driveway. Sam shook her head, amazed at what a turn the night had taken. She grabbed Jake’s hand and followed her down the path to the driveway.

Sam let Jake sit up front with Emma and she sat in the back. She preferred this, as she could watch Emma without being watched back. What was her game? The drive to the theatre was filled with Emma’s chatter as she talked to Jake about summer camp and how much fun the counselors had. She was really doing a hard sell to try and get him to go.

“You’re selling the camp well, Emma. What do you think, Jake, are you interested?” she said. She was curious about his response, given his earlier stated intention to stay at home.

“I dunno. It sounds okay. I had planned to stay home this summer. Get a job, make a bit of money before college.”

Jake was going to the local community college for basic intro science courses. Nothing specific, which worried Sam, as that lack of focus could lead to disinterest.

“When is the camp, Emma? Maybe he can fit in?” she asked. Jake turned and glared at her, which she ignored. She didn’t think he would really go, but it was polite to seem open to it. Sam pointedly looked at Emma, as if to say ‘pay attention to her, idiot!’

Emma said, “It runs for two weeks, July 13-24. Jake you could get a job after camp, couldn’t you? I just know you’d have a great time with me there. I could keep you company so you don’t miss your Mom.” At this last sentence Emma glanced back at Sam with a curious expression.

“Ohh…well I can think about it I guess,” Jake said.

“Yaaayyy,” sang Emma, as they pulled into the theatre parking lot. “Let’s go, I want some popcorn!”

Sam exited the car on the same side as Jake and they exchanged a look before following Emma inside. They paid for tickets and snacks and then found seats in a showing of a horror movie. There was no one else in there with them. She tried to sit down next to Jake but Emma squeezed in first. Sam sat down next to her, and prepared for an hour and a half of boredom.

The opening scene was gruesome and bloody, and not what Sam typically liked in a movie. Just as the title sequence faded away, she felt Emma lean over to her.

She whispered in Sam’s ear, “Hey, don’t panic or anything. I’m not going to rat you two out, okay? I just really want to get to know you and have some fun. I hope that’s okay, that I’m not coming on too strong.”

Sam shook her head automatically, out of politeness, but in fact the girl was coming on a bit strong. She turned and whispered back, “Thank you for your discretion. I don’t mind getting to know you, but this is all new territory for me. It’s not like I started out wanting to have an affair with my son.”

Her face flushed and heart pounded as she said those words to a total stranger, someone not in their family, for the first time. She felt a rush of power, owning it. Owning her son as her lover. She started to regret the week they’d wasted with awkwardness and silence.

Sam kept going, “So you know our secret. What do you want? What’s your endgame? Why this ‘date’? Why couldn’t we talk about this somewhere quiet?” This last was said as a woman on the screen was brutally beheaded after letting out a scream that seemed to last for 2 minutes.

Sam turned her head away, to let Emma whisper in her ear. She shivered as the girl’s hot breath washed over her neck, the air tickling against her ear as she spoke.

“I want to experience the thrill you two got to experience at the dance. This is a public place, and I want to have some fun.” Sam twitched as she felt a hand land on her upper thigh. The whisper came closer, drifting between the screams coming from the dying girl on screen, “I’m disappointed you wore pants.”

The hand on her thigh drifted higher.

Sam straightened up, almost leaning away from Emma. She tried to shake away the lingering echo of the girl’s breath on her ear. The trail of goosebumps it had raised on her neck led down her chest and swept down both of her breasts, ending at her nipples. They hardened immediately. What was this girl doing to her?

Sam closed her eyes and reveled in the feeling, slightly gasping when the hand on her thigh departed, only to appear again on her breast. Warmth suffused her chest. She could feel her nipple press into the palm of the hand. She felt a thrill as the hand squeezed gently and caressed around her entire orb. It paused and one finger fiddled with her erect nipple, causing a tremor of pleasure to ripple down to her pussy. Sam let out the breath she had been holding, escort pendik gasping loud enough to be heard over the sound of the movie.

She looked down at the hand on her breast, and then at Emma’s face. The darkness of the theatre was broken by a flash from an explosion, allowing her to see the girl clearly. Sam took in the details of the pretty girl’s face. The flushed cheeks, the eyes intent on Sam’s chest, the teeth gently nibbling on her bottom lip.

Sam slowly lay her hand atop Emma’s, causing the girl to stop her movement. She wanted to keep the feeling going, but was intent on making sure this stranger was coming from a healthy place. She leaned forward to whisper to the girl.


Emma stopped playing with the large nipple under her fingers, unable to really move with Sam’s hand on hers. She looked up at the woman’s face, wondering why she had stopped her. It must have felt good, she knew, as it felt good when she did it to herself. Just as she was about to lean forward Sam leaned towards her instead. Oh. That’s what she wanted? Emma hesitated for the briefest second.

She was sure that she wanted this. She knew that after seeing Jake and his Mom in that classroom, that she would do anything to be a part of it. On any given day, Emma daydreamed about this kind of scenario a dozen times. It varied but the core elements stayed the same: She was with a man and a woman who loved each other. Who they were, how Emma became involved with them, what they did, all changed each time, but the premise was the same. Emma dreamed of it.

So now here she was, in a dark theatre with the man and woman who loved each other. She had started on Sam; she felt the older woman’s reaction to her touch. And now this sexy, mature woman was going to kiss her? Emma’s only thought was how much tongue she would use.

She leaned forward and met Jake’s Mom half way, pressing her lips against the older woman’s. As their lips squished together, the heat and softness were all she felt. She felt Sam not moving and so took the opportunity to slip her tongue out, darting between the other woman’s full lips.

Hmmm, cherry lip balm? She moved her tongue against Sam’s teeth, before they parted, and the other woman’s tongue crept out to meet hers. The feel of their tongues moving over each other, warm and wet, caused Emma’s pussy to emit her own moisture.

The hand on top of hers on Sam’s breast dropped away, allowing Emma the freedom to move. She rubbed her thumbnail over the protrusion on the front of her shirt, causing a whimper to come from the mouth that was now actively kissing her.

She sat there, hand on another woman’s chest, saliva flowing freely between them, pleasure radiating from her pelvis. She wished she’d chosen a hotel to meet at, or a house. Anything with a bed she could lie down on, a place she could get naked and writhe against the naked body of the sexy woman currently kissing her. Just as she was about to suggest they leave she was reminded of the other part of this threesome.

She felt a hand land on her own thigh, below the hem of her dress. It squeezed and then rubbed, pushing her dress up her leg, exposing flesh. Emma was enjoying the kiss, but could only concentrate on the feel of the large hand moving further and further up her thigh. She hadn’t worn panties. She could feel the pulsing pleasure turn into a radiating wave, as the side of the hand’s little finger brushed against her most secret place. She felt moisture on her leg as his finger, now wet, spread it around.

Emma broke the kiss and lay back, waiting for the hand to make another pass, to come back to her pussy and contact her pleasure center. Time seemed to slow, as the hand made its way back, eventually brushing up against her lips again. She opened her legs more, allowing the large, warm hand to bury itself into her crotch. Then, when it was the deepest it could go, she clenched her legs back together to trap it.

The hand moved, no longer gripping her thigh, the little finger now worming its way between her lips. Emma groaned deep in her throat as the hand flipped towards her belly, letting all fingers enter the fray. She let them loose, her legs going limp again. They started to trace over her labia, up and down, dipping into her innermost pleasure. It was heaven. She forgot all about the nipple under her fingers, her hand dropping away.

The wonderful fingers kept up their dance, but she wanted more, so she pushed her legs open even further and pulled up her skirt to allow full access. The hand was now able to get access to her vagina, and so it took full advantage. One thick finger plunged inside of her and started to saw away at her opening while a thumb rubbed back and forth over her clit. It was too much, too fast. Emma hadn’t planned for this. The combination of finger and thumb was joined by a third party as another hand was grasping her own hard nipple, twirling it.

Emma let out a loud scream, which was lost in the sound of murder, “FuuuuUUUUCCCK!!”


Jake pendik escort bayan was amazed. He was actually fingering his crush from high school. The girl he’d stared at during every opportunity, who had, until recently, been the subject of all his masturbation fantasies. He looked at his hand, manipulating her, spread open, red, wet. He watched his own mother play with the younger woman’s nipples. He committed to memory the sight of Emma’s face. She had her eyes closed, her mouth closed, tendons in her neck straining as she came on his hand. His hand. He could feel her vagina clamp down on his finger as she rode it, her pelvis writhing up and down.

Jake almost winced when Emma grabbed his arm in a death grip, holding onto it as her back arched in her seat. He glanced around to make sure they were still alone, then returned to the orgasming vixen next to him.

This had to be a dream. No way does he get to go to a movie with Susan, pardon, Emma and then feel her up with his Mom. He shook his head, but nothing changed.

He looked at his Mom but she was concentrating on Emma, no longer playing with Emma’s nipple but rubbing one thigh. As Emma calmed down from her orgasm, he carefully pulled his hand from inside of her, reveling in the shudder that rippled over her body as he did so. Together he and his Mom watched as the young woman relaxed and opened her eyes, looking at them both.

“That was unexpected,” Emma said.

Sam chuckled and said, “He has that effect on me too.”

Jake felt a rush of pride suffuse him at the sight of two sexy women complimenting him on his effect on them when it was dashed.

Emma laughed, “No, I meant that kiss from you. I expected us to go a bit slower, or maybe not at all. That was a very sexy kiss. And look where it led us!”

Sam hesitated and glanced at Jake briefly. “Well, actually I wasn’t going to kiss you, I was going to ask you if you were truly okay with all of this. You kind of answered the question already.”

Emma’s eyes flicked back and forth between them. “Ah. Well that’s even more unexpected. Sorry, I guess I misread the situation.” She mumbled that last bit, clearly embarrassed.

Jake’s Mom grinned at Emma and said, “I would guess you did. I’m not complaining. I’ve never felt that from another woman before. Your kiss was unexpectedly sensual. I would not turn another away.”

Emma’s mouth opened in surprise, and then grinned back. Jake suddenly flashed on the situation, as if from an onlooker. Three people in a theatre, conversing amongst themselves while flashes of light come from the screen, and screams from the speakers. They could have chosen a better place to do this.

He spoke up, “Should we continue this elsewhere, or do we call it a night? I haven’t been following the story…” He gestured to the screen, and both women laughed.

His Mom spoke up. “I think we should go find some place quieter.” All three agreed and so left the theatre and headed to Emma’s car.

Jake walked behind the other two, as they whispered together, giggling occasionally. Emma looked back at him a couple times, followed by more giggling. He sighed. He figured a 18 year old would be up to this kind of stuff, but not his Mom.

As they got to the car Emma handed him her keys and piled into the back seat, followed by his Mom.

“Ah great, where are we going?” he asked.

“You choose, sweety,” his Mom answered. “Emma and I are talking.” They broke out into giggling again.

Jake sighed again, the anthem of the long-suffering son-lover. He pulled the car out and joined traffic, heading to his house. If they wouldn’t tell him what was up, he’d just go home.


Sam sat back in her back seat, having finished her conversation with Emma. She was thoroughly satisfied that not only was this a woman who knew what she wanted, but was someone she’d be happy to share her son with at any opportunity. In fact, she was thinking maybe Emma could be something long term, but that wasn’t her decision to make. The thought that perhaps this young woman could steal Jake from produced a tremor of fear, until she squashed it.

As they pulled into their driveway she turned back to Emma. “I had a lovely time tonight. I hope you did too?” Her raised eyebrow spoke volumes.

Emma nodded enthusiastically. “Oh, I had a great time. I think I will enjoy getting to know you two.” She placed her hand on Jake’s shoulder, close to his neck. “Remember to put your application in for camp counselling, Jake.” He shrugged without turning around.

Sam spoke up. “Oh, stop being a grump. You should go, you’ll have a great time, I’m sure.”

Emma gave Sam a silent thumbs up, but Jake spotted her, saying, “Hey no fair ganging up! You’re supposed to be on my side, Mom!”

Sam and Emma burst out laughing again. They decided to call it a night, split up, Emma getting into the driver’s seat and Sam and Jake walking up to their door. They turned and waved as she pulled away.

As mother and son stepped inside, Sam spoke up first. “I know what you had your heart set on being with me this summer, but I really do think you should go to the camp. Emma seems like a really great girl, and this is something you can put on your resume.”

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