The Curse of Magic Mansion Ch. 02

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Part 2: The Lair of the Spider Queen

When Tina had seen her little sister incapacitated, ice had filled her veins. Cold fire had covered her hands and bled from her eyes, and she had felt the urge to destroy. But her brother had urged her back. He had been right: she had just discovered magic, but didn’t know if she could control it, let alone fight an untold number of zombies. So they had fled, not up thirty flights of stairs, but just one. When they reached the top, they looked down and saw that the atrium now led to the sitting room, just as it had the night before. If they wanted to reach Jane, they would have to find another way.

Now, Tina sat on the edge of her brother’s bed, fuming in regret, anger, and fear. “But you stopped to grab a bottle of wine?” she hissed at him as he slipped his pants back on.

“I wasn’t in my right mind,” he said. “I think I became invisible. But I felt different, too—out of control, primal. Maybe I lost all corporeal form and became a spirit.”

Dan’s even tone, his emotional detachment from the situation made Tina furious, and it took all her effort to keep the dangerous magic part of her at bay. “Don’t make excuses, coward! You’re just jealous!”

Dan had never seen his sister like this. Sure, he’d seen her angry—mostly at Jane—but not like this. He could see something in her eyes that scared him. “What’s gotten into you?” he said. “Ever since you started using magic, you’ve been … well, you’ve not been yourself. And what is this about jealousy? What are you talking about?”

“I—” Tina started, and then noticed how Dan was looking at her. He was afraid of her, but that was only a small part. Something behind his eyes seemed to be watching her. Whatever it was created a huge magical ripple that made the hairs on her arms stand up. “Nothing. Forget it,” she said, sincerely hoping he would. “You’re right. This magic, whatever it is, it picks up on emotions, feeds off them—and amplifies them, I guess.”

“Just be careful, ok?” Dan said. “You went to a really dark place, and I don’t want to lose you to it.” Tina nodded, but the now dissipating anger had held back the agony of defeat and the fear of losing her sister, which came rushing in. Tears came to her eyes, and Dan sat next to her, giving her a shoulder on which to rest her head.

“I’m sorry,” she said, fighting the urge to cry. “This is all a little too much, y’know.”

“I sure do,” he said. “The world’s completely changed around us. Or maybe it hasn’t. It’s scary, thinking it’s been like this the whole time and we just didn’t know.” He picked the wine bottle off the bed. It had no label, and the cork stuck a half inch out, enough for Dan to grip. He popped it out and sniffed. “One thing hasn’t changed, though: wine.”

Tina couldn’t help but smile. Dan always had a weird way of cheering her up. “So, what, we get drunk and go rescue Jane?”

“It’s the last thing they’d expect,” Dan said, winking. He took a swig of the wine and passed it to Tina, who drank and coughed. She’d had wine at dinner, but only a little. Never in her nineteen years had she been drunk, and the thought of being so scared her a little, particularly because the magic that made it hard to control her emotions would almost certainly flare out of control as her inhibitions loosened.

“So,” she said, taking another gulp and passing the bottle back. “I meant to ask: how did you change into a spirit or whatever?”

“No idea,” he said. “The servant was about to find me, and all I could of was getting small. Honestly, I didn’t even think it worked until I realized I was naked.”

“Can you try to change now?”

“Right this instant?”

“Sure,” she said. “If we’re going to try and rescue Jane, we might as well practice.”

Dan chuckled a bit. “Ok,” he said. “Sure.” He stood and went to the middle of the room. Tina sat, wine bottle in hand, grinning at him. “Stand back,” he said, and then took a deep breath. Suddenly, he was on the floor, curled in the fetal position. After a moment, he untucked his body and looked around.

“I don’t think it took,” Tina laughed. Dan smiled sheepishly and stood again.

“It would seem so,” he said. He took another deep breath, let it out, and then threw all his concentration in to thinking small. Small. Small! SMALL! And then he heard Tina giggling. “What’s so funny?”

Between gasps of laughter, she said, “Dan, you look like you’re trying to fart.”

“Oh, come on, Tina! That’s not helping,” he said, her laughter infecting him. “How do you guys do your things?” Tina suddenly became quiet. “What is it?”

“It’s just that my power…” she sighed and hid her face. How could she tell him? Could she? She took another swig from the bottle. “So you remember that itch, right? Last night?” He nodded. “Like the, uh, sex things we saw?”

“Oh,” he said. “Oh boy. Hey, is it suddenly really hot in here?”

“Yeah,” she said. “So, that’s kind of it for me. I mean, that’s how I get it bahis firmaları started, but I kind of have a hard time shutting it off. The feeling, I mean. It lasts after the magic is gone.”

Dan raised an eyebrow. “So you’re having those feelings?” he said, having a hard time looking at his sister. “Right now?” Tina blushed and nodded. Dan felt his stomach sink. “Look,” he said. “Maybe this isn’t the best idea.”

“Your visions were of us,” Tina said. “Me and Jane, I mean.” His silence was confirmation enough. “It’s ok,” she said.

“What do you mean?” he said. “It’s definitely not ok. I mean, you’re my sister. Jane is my sister.”

“Jane’s my sister, too,” Tina said, the wine having unlocked the doors behind which she had tried to hide that little secret.

Dan looked as if he were going to pass out. “You mean…?”

“Sex?” Tina said, hiding her face in her hands.

“I…” Dan started, then looked at his hands as if there was a different answer written on them. “But … how … there was that blast … and then this morning … she was so nice this morning!” Tina nodded, coaxing his train of thought forward. “Mom and dad will lose their minds. You know that, right?”

“No shit, Dan. This is weird…”


“But,” Tina said reluctantly, “I love her.”

“So do I,” he said.

“You know what I mean,” she said.

“I do,” he said irritably, and then reached out his hand for the bottle. “Gimme that.” After a long drink, some pacing, another long drink, and more pacing, he looked at Tina. “How was it?”

She laughed in disbelief. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” But he was silent. “She helped me feel sexy for the first time in, well, ever. How’s that?”

“I see,” he said, suddenly eyeing the skin on her belly, revealed by the missing button she’d used to detect the black fog. Tina saw his eyes fixate, and remembered how Jane had given her a similar look. She shifted herself so more skin and her bellybutton showed, and watched Dan try not to look. “I mean,” he said, “it’s not like you weren’t before.”

“Was I now,” she said, unbuttoning the next button, beginning to take a perverse pleasure in teasing her brother.

“I … uh … yeah,” he said. “Sure.”

“It doesn’t sound like you’re too sure about that,” she said, unbuttoning even further up.

Dan shifted uncomfortably, clearly trying to hide what was quickly becoming a rock-hard boner. “I mean yes,” he said. “Of course you were.”

Tina unbuttoned the rest of her shirt, letting it fall way from her breasts. “So why did you never say anything?”

“You’re my sister,” he said. “I mean, who says something like that to their sister?”

Tina let her shirt fall off, and unhooked her bra, setting her firm young breasts free. “I do,” she said. “It sounds like you just didn’t want to help me.”

Dan couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and moreover, couldn’t believe how horny he had become. Despite being normally even keel, he was just as horny as any other teenage guy, but he began to feel something primal stirring inside him. “I did—I do! It’s just…”

“I know,” she placated him. “I’m your sister.” She got off the bed and approached him, feeling more strongly that hungry, savage force just below his skin. But she couldn’t help herself. “If you want to help me,” she said, “the zipper on my skirt is stuck.” She turned her hip to him, and he just swallowed and nodded. The zipper was not stuck, and her skirt fell from her.

“Oh, god,” Dan said, seeing that his sister wasn’t wearing panties, and was now completely naked in front of him.

“Like what you see?” she said.



“It’s happening!” he grunted and bent as if cramped. “I can’t control it!”

“Let it come,” Tina said, stroking his head.

“No! You don’t understand!” Dan groaned. “Run! Get away!” But Tina didn’t run, and watched her brother change before her eyes. When he was done, his clothes lay on the floor, and a werewolf stood on top of the tattered remains. This wasn’t some cuddly Teen Wolf version of her brother, but an actual werewolf crouched forward, resting on its knuckles.

“Dan?” she said, now feeling quite vulnerable. Certainly she could see why he thought he had become small. The beast, though still technically bipedal, moved low to the ground as if it were a coiled spring. The Wolf only looked back at her with glowing yellow eyes. “Danny?” The manimal advanced, and Tina froze. Maybe if she stood still, it would just leave her alone, but instead of moving on, the Wolf circled her once and then stuck its nose a fraction of an inch from her smooth, moist crotch.

Tina shuddered as she felt hot breath on her sex. Instinctively, she started to step away, but a low rumbling from deep within the beast froze her solid again. Sharp white teeth revealed themselves, and Tina said, “Ok. Not going anywhere. Sniff all you want.” The Wolf sniffed more, and then circled behind her. Tina thought that was the end of it, but she felt hot kaçak iddaa breath on her again. Then, something soft and wet slid between her legs. No! she thought. No, no, no, no, no. She resisted not because there was an monster lapping at her pussy, but because it felt really, really good. She desperately wanted to get away from this beast, but fear and pleasure kept her feet planted. To her great surprise, she even widened her stance, allowing the Wolf greater access. The long tongue licked from her clit all the way to her tight anus, and she shivered. No one had touched her asshole in this way, not even herself, and the soft wetness there made her tremble with nervous energy—but only for a moment.

No, she thought again. This had gone far enough. “Dan,” she said, turning to the man-beast. “Enough.” But the yellow glowing eyes were not those of her brother. The Wolf didn’t understand, and growled again, its teeth bared. This time, though, Tina had positioned herself between the beast and the door, and decided to make a break for it. Sexual tension and fear brought magic bubbling to the surface, and in one clean movement, she ignited her hands and blasted the Wolf with cold fire. The beast staggered back, and Tina ran, but only made it halfway to the door, before the Wolf was on her.

Tina, hands and knees on the floor, felt teeth around her neck, and closed her eyes, waiting for the end, but it never came. Instead, when she was still, the Wolf released her. Tina dared not move, even when she felt hot breath on her butt. The tongue licked at her again, but she was too terrified to feel pleasure. “Oh, god,” she said, voice shaking. “What are you doing? Danny, help me!” But it was no use, the Wolf’s tongue continued to lap at her drooling snatch, its tongue slipping between her labia and brushing against her clit. “Damn it,” she groaned, feeling her body betray her mind. The wetter she became, the more intense the werewolf’s lapping became, which, despite her fear, only made her wetter. She felt herself part her legs more, allowing the intruding tongue full access to her hot young sex, and felt guilt and shame descend. “Oh, god. What am I doing?” But those thoughts and words were quickly lost in the sounds of her own panting and moaning. The Wolf lapped at her without restriction, its long tongue sweeping over her throbbing clit, digging into her moist opening, and sliding across her soft, tight anus. Her arms began to shake, and she lowered herself to her elbows. This put her young pussy in prime position.

Tina felt as if she could come at any moment, but then the licking stopped. She had almost dared to turn around when the Wolf’s powerful hands gripped her waist. Claws dug into her soft flesh and she yelped. But that pain dropped into the background when she felt something hard, hot and wet stab a few times around her aching entrance. She craned her head around to confirm her suspicions. “Oh, wait! No no no—” but her terrified protest ended in what would have been a blood curdling scream, had it not lodged in her throat, as the werewolf found its mark, and its cock plunged into her slick pussy. There was no gentleness, no warmth to this bestial fucking, and Tina’s eyes shot open as wide as they would go. Mouth still agape in silent scream, Tina felt pain radiating out from her formerly virginal sex, as if someone were jackhammering a red-hot bowling pin into her. The man-beast’s cock was huge, and, knowing she would never successfully escape, she did her best to maneuver herself to accommodate as much of it as she could.

Tina tried to say, “Please stop! I can’t take it anymore!” Unfortunately, what came out was, “Ugh! Uhn! Nnng!” Of course, the werewolf heeded none of this, anyway, driven as it was by primal instinct, and continued to hammer into her hot pussy until, in its energetic fucking, it threw itself off balance and fell off of her for a moment. “AAAH!” Tina cried out, feeling the cock slip from her. “Fuck!” In too much shock to collapse one way or the other, she could only droop her head, looking past her firm, dangling breasts and out from between her still spread legs. The werewolf paced back and forth behind her, frustrated, its hard red cock bobbing with the manimal’s movements. “Holy shit,” Tina groaned, panting. “Holy shit.” Okay, she thought, it wasn’t nearly as big as a bowling pin, but it was pretty damn big. She felt her pussy twitch and drool, and after several deep breaths, the pain receded. As if the Wolf could sense the girl’s terror ebbing, it approached her again. “Oh, come on!” she complained. “At least give me a minute.” The werewolf gripped her again, and she felt her body tense up, but as the stiff red cock jabbed at her again and again, trying to find its target, Tina resigned herself to what was coming next.

When the Wolf’s cock did finally find her slick love tunnel, ramming it home the only way it knew how, Tina gasped. The pain was almost a memory, and quickly replacing it was ecstasy. Lightning coursed through her body, and warmth filled her kaçak bahis belly as the werewolf plowed into her repeatedly. Wet sloshing and slapping sounds filled the room, and Tina moaned a long “Nnnnnh!” followed by a silent, mouthed, “Fuck!” She clenched her eyes and saw stars as she came hard around the Wolf’s pounding cock. Her back arched and toes curled, and shivering warmth coursed through her veins. The Wolf did not stop, though, and Tina felt her strength evaporate under the relentless dicking. Her arms slid out in front of her, and the side of her face came to rest on the stone floor.

Every nerve in her body felt as if it were on fire, and whimpering, she bit her lower lip. She had never thought she would have lost her virginity this way, or that this was even a thing that happened. She had come across one or two erotic stories with monsters like orcs and giant spiders, but had skipped those parts because the idea seemed repulsive and degrading. She made a mental note to go back and read those parts when she got out of here. Her breathing quickened again as warmth flooded into her head again, and electricity tingled on her fingers. “Shit!” she moaned as she squirmed and came again.

This time, the Wolf growled and thrust deep into her, causing her to grunt. When it pulled back to ram her again, she found that it was stuck inside her. Tina felt swelling just inside her quivering pussy, and then the Wolf’s cock unleashed a hot torrent. She tried to move, but a sharp pain discouraged her. “What the hell?” she groaned, feeling fuller than she ever imagined was possible. But through the involuntary movements of the locked lovers, the werewolf’s knot ground against her g-spot and stretched her pussy so that her clit was plastered to the throbbing mass of monster meat. “Oh!” she yelped in surprise as waves of pleasure pulsed out from her sex and washed over her body and mind. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she came again, silently twitching, save a few guttural, throaty noises.

Suddenly, the door swung open. “What the fuck?!”

Tina shot onto her hands, and the werewolf growled. Jane stood in the doorway, clad in a wrap of some sort. There was someone else with her, but Tina couldn’t see who it was from her position. “I—” she shuddered with pleasure.

“Dude,” Jane said. “What. The. Fuck.”

“This is … is …” Tina tried. “Oh, god, Jane. This is exactly what it looks like.” She tried to move, but again stopped short when the werewolf’s knot stretched her to the limit. Pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure: Tina’s head swam in a stew of lust, relief, fear and embarrassment.

“I don’t even know what to say,” Jane said, and then noticed that Tina’s eyelids were at half mast. Her big sister was barely holding onto her wits. “Does it hurt?”

Tina panted, “Only … when I move around.”

“Can I see?”

Tina nodded. “Who’s that?” she asked.

The orc stepped into the doorway, following Jane, but skirting as far as it could away from the dangerous looking werewolf. “This is Grum. He’s the head chef. Grum, this is my sister, Tina.”

“Maybe Grum come back later,” the orc said. “Seem like not good time.”

“Nonsense,” Jane said.

As they entered, the Wolf panted and eyed the newcomers. It was bipedal like a man, but certain parts of its anatomy were clearly lupine. While Jane sat next to her sister, the orc scooted past, trying not to upset the delicate balance with his bulky frame. Normally, like any other person, Tina would have been mortified, but between the wine, the vigorous fucking, and now the knot that throbbed against her clit, she had no energy left to register anything but the sensations around her. Pulsing, electric ecstasy radiated from between her legs. There was werewolf’s belly and legs against her butt and thighs back, impossibly strong, but soft, fuzzy and warm. There was the cool stone floor beneath her hands and knees. And then there was the delicate warmth of a hand caressing her cheek. It was only after her sister brought the hand away, glistening from tears, that Tina said defensively, “He took me by surprise.”

“No worries,” Jane said, lifting her sister’s chin and kissing her lips. “So, uh, how long are you going to be like this?”

“No idea,” Tina said, tension in her voice.

“What’s wrong?” Jane said, worried.

“Nothing,” Tina grunted, eyes clenched. “I’m coming … again.” She lowered herself back down to her elbows as another orgasm tore through her. When the waves receded, she sucked in air. “Fuck. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“Whoa,” Jane said in awe. “That’s intense.” She’d felt the tremor of orgasm in the older girl’s body, and felt tingling dampness between her own legs. She dropped her hand to Tina’s breast, and let it fill her palm. Ribbing her fingers over the brunette’s hard, tender nipple, she said, “How’d this happen, anyway?” Tina shivered from her sister’s touch, and tried to speak, but only managed a panted mumble. Jane snickered, and gently kneaded Tina’s breast. “It’s okay,” she said. “Fill me in later.”

“Grum not seen this kind of thing before,” the orc said.

“Neither have I, big guy,” Jane said, sliding her hand down her sister’s taut belly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32