She Admits She Wants It Ch. 02

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This is a great stand-alone as a sex scene, but taken in context with She Admits She Wants It, Part I, it delves into the why for the what. Part I is a rewrite of one of my other stories, but this one is wholly original. I would recommend reading in order, but then again, I wrote it that way. Feel free to let me know whether or not you enjoyed this more alone or as a part II. I only want to keep my readers wet and happy.


How was she ever going to explain herself to Chris? She knew she needed to approach him and talk about what happened before he approached her. Having had a whole day to prepare herself didn’t help. He was gone when she woke up, probably off with Joe, his best friend, doing some heavy lifting. She had heavy lifting of her own.

“How am I going to deal with this? What the hell do I even say?” Heather stared out the window, wondering out loud. She didn’t know if she should be mortified by how she’d acted yesterday or grateful that it happened since it was so unbelievable, enjoyable, and would not have happened otherwise.

The couple. The couple in the alley. They were her in, and she would just have to tell him what she saw. Just thinking about the couple in the alley made Heather wet. She’d gone to the bakery on the corner to get petit-fours and had to park down the block since there weren’t any closer spots. The bakery was in a row of connected buildings with an alley running behind. Hurrying along, not paying attention, she’d dropped a handful of bills as she pulled the order slip for the pastries out of her pocket. A dollar blew back into the alley, and she went after it.

They were in a little alcove formed by the partial wall that ran between the bakery and the next business. His black pants were pooled around his ankles, the tips of his shoes peeking out. The tail of his cream colored shirt hid most of his form, but from her angle she could see the muscular indention in his buttock flexing as he thrust into the woman in front of him. His cock was big, the base buried in a patch of dark brown hair a shade darker than the hair on his head. He was tall, good looking; dark skinned, maybe Italian, with a strong jawline and straight, Roman nose. His eyes were closed, but she guessed they’d be a rich, chocolately brown. His lips were pressed together in concentration, hiding his Cupid’s Bow.

She was tall, and wore heels to boot. Her panties were caught around one ankle, her legs spread too far apart for them to be around both. The tight, dark blue skirt she wore was pushed up past her hips, clinging to her form. She was hippy, with two round globes for asscheeks, still rounded even though she was bent so far forward. Not pointy-assed like those too skinny girls. She had a light tan, only visible because of the erotik film izle faint thong line. Ah, and probably the only young woman on the planet besides Heather with no Tramp Stamp. The geometrically printed blouse that would have hidden her upper body was on the ground, her bra next to it. Wavy brown hair covered her face but did nothing to silence the words pouring from her mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, Marco, like that. Harder.”

“Harder? You want it harder? I’ll give you harder.”

“Mm, yeah, fuck me harder, Marco, I’ve been waiting for you all week.”

“A week with no dick is like a year with no Christmas. Just. Not. Right.”

Marco’s voice rubbed Heather’s senses. He punctuated the last three words with particularly satisfying thrusts. She was frozen as she watched him lightly rake his nails over her wobbling flesh then smack the woman on her ass. Her flesh pinked into a handprint, and Heather felt her own ass get hot at the thought of his hand doing the same to her. He slapped the woman again, the two handprints overlapping, then again and again. The woman moaned.

“Marco! Look at it! Look what you did!”

“You like that? Huh, Claire? You slut! Quit bitching like you don’t like it or I won’t give you what you really want.”

Heather’s breath was coming fast and it was all she could do to keep quiet. Watching Claire’s small breasts swing freely, her nipples erect, Marco behind her fucking her for all he was worth was the most erotic thing she’d ever seen. Claire reaching up to fondle the hard points made her own nipples tighten inside her bra. She could feel her panties wet, the pastries and dollar forgotten. When Marco pushed Claire’s head further down, causing her ass to arch closer to him, and gave her the hardest smack yet, Heather gasped.

Claire, pausing only slightly in her excitement, turned and looked straight at her. Brown eyes met blue. Marco, oblivious to her presence, continued his pace. Her eyes never leaving Heather, she slipped her tongue out and ran the pink tip across her lips, at the same time reaching down to touch herself where Heather couldn’t see but knew. In what seemed like slow motion, her mouth formed the words that set a chain of events into motion.

“Marco, Marco, put it in my ass. Put it in my ass, Marco.”

“Claire, you slut, wanting your ass fucked in an alley. You’re like a cat in heat.”

C’mon, Marco, fuck my ass, fuck it!”

Claire, watching, got the reaction she obviously wanted. She watched Heather’s mouth form into a pink O, her chest showing her increased breathing, sudden desire putting her off balance, causing her to support herself with the back wall of the building. She saw the slight motion as Heather moved her hips backward, reaching down to put her film izle hand at the apex of her thighs. She watched, and she smiled, catching her bottom lip with her teeth. Heavy lidded, her eyes went out of focus as she concentrated on what Marco was doing behind her.

Pulling back, he popped his cock out of Claire’s pussy, rubbing it up and down her slit to pick up her wetness, and presented it at her ass. With not nearly the effort Heather thought it should have taken, he wormed the head of his dick into her ass. Claire shuddered, moaning, undulating her hips. One hand was back at her left nipple, the other buried between her legs. Heather wished she could see more but the angled view she got, along with their dialogue, told her what was happening. She wished she could see more. Still watching her watching them, Claire mouthed the words “I love it” and smiled.

“That’s it, Marco, spank my ass and fuck my ass. I want your cum dripping from my stretched asshole!”

“Alright, babe, but don’t be mad at me when you can’t sit down for a week.”

Taking his cue, Marco buried his rod in her ass and began furiously pumping. He covered her ass with more handprints, Claire moaning each time. He put his hand on her back and bent her further forward, grabbed her hips and pummeled her ass. Heather shifted to try for a better view, and Claire, obviously enjoying being watched as much as she was enjoying being fucked, accommodated her nicely. She moved her body around as best she could, taking Marco with her and spread her legs as wide as she could, so that Heather got an angled view of Marco and her ass.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, tell me you love it up the ass!”

“I love your cock in my ass. Fuck it, fuck that asshole!”

Claire reached back and spread her cheeks as wide as she could, showcasing her sex.

Visible to her were the reddened globes of Claire’s ass, her widened asshole with Marco pumping in and out, her pussy still gaped open from its recent fucking, and her strawberry clit. The whole of Claire’s treasure glistened with her wetness. She’d never seen another woman’s pussy in real life before but thought it was beautiful. She saw Marco’s balls, moving in and out of her vision, hidden on and off by his thigh. They swung back and forth, hitting Claire’s flesh with quiet slaps. The veins stood out on his dick, the shaft bigger than anything she’d be able to handle.

Watching his dick coursing in and out of Claire’s ass, the pink ring of flesh pulling back and then disappearing inward as he stroked forward ignited feelings in Heather she didn’t know were there. Her eyes glazed, her nipples so hard they ached, an orgasm ripped through her body. Her pussy pounded, her ass clenched at nothing. She stood, holding herself up, shaking with seks filmi izle the magnitude of it all. Her body was hot, the hair around her face clinging to her in damp tendrils. Her clothes felt too tight, the muted sunlight too bright for her dilated eyes. Was that even possible? To cum from watching? She was dazed, her face flushed. Claire, who watched her the whole time, knew what had just happened and this helped to send her over the edge.

“Marcoooo oh ohhh ohhhhhhh.”

“Here I come, alley cat, I hope your ass is ready.”

Grabbing her hips to hold her to him, Marco gave one final full stroke in, burying himself to his balls, and began his own spasms. He seemed to thrust forward forever, finally pulling his softening member from Claire’s ass. Tottering on her heels, no longer held up by him, Claire wobbled a bit and braced her hands on her thighs. Heather watched a drop of cum ooze from her ass as it began to close and another orgasm racked her body. She had no idea that she could come once, much less twice, from seeing someone get fucked. That this person, this Muse, got fucked in the ass was a whole different twist.

Three people. Two aware of everything, one unknowingly party to a life-changing event. Heather waited until Marco turned around to pick up the tie that had fallen outside her line of vision and crept silently away. When she reached the corner of the building, she looked back only to see Claire still watching her, buttoning her blouse. The two women smiled at each other and almost simultaneously mouthed the words “Thank you” to each other.

Heather composed herself as best she could. Her heart beat so hard in her chest that she felt it in her throat. Her hands shook, and each step caused a new wave of muted excitement through her body. Just the seam of her jeans felt like fingers caressing her. It was surreal to think of what she just saw. She made her way into the bakery, the air conditioning helping to clear her muddled head, and went straight for the ladies room. The person she saw in the mirror held little resemblance to the person she knew should be there. Her face was flushed and glowing, her cheeks hot and pink. Her blue eyes sparkled, the pupils still so dilated that only the smallest ring of blue iris was visible. Her lips were bee stung, parted slightly to show her even, white teeth. The blush that crept across her chest and upward to her neck made her skin baby-pink.

She took down her pants to relieve herself and found her panties to be completely soaked. As soon as she lowered them, the smell of her sex pervaded the air. Even patting herself dry after peeing was a task, and it took everything in her to not rub herself into a third orgasm. Calming herself as best she could, she made her way to the counter to pick up her order. The young girl rang her up, thanked her, and then commented that there was something different about her.

“I can’t place it, Ms. Heather, but whatever it is, you look great! Did you change your hair?”

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